Women and Relationships

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Women and relationships

Let’s face it fellas, most of us feel that we have a better chance of winning the lotto than understanding women and relationships. Blokes all around the world meet up at the pub, golf course, gym, shooting range or office water cooler to vent about or let out their frustrations with woman and relationships.

Well guess what guys- – Woman all over the world are meeting up at hair and nail salons, shopping malls, bars and spending hours on the phone to their friends cursing our names too. It seems that many couples just concede that men are from mars and woman are from Venus and their relationships have become a game of survival instead of enjoyment.

I was the same myself and for a period of time I thought it would be easier and more fun to just be a bachelor for life. But due to a strong desire to have kids, I decided to put my pride to one side – and consider how I could have contributed poorly to past relationships. Following this honest assessment, I then threw myself into reading and researching the age old question of want woman want in a man, but more importantly what they want in a relationship and partnership.

My research has been a real eye opener and I’m excited to share my findings with you through my daily videos, and I am hopeful that if you take on board the suggestions I make, then you too can start enjoying your relationships instead of just surviving them.

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