Why woman say “We don’t talk enough”

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Why woman say “We don’t talk enough”

So if you’ve ever been in a relationship – then I’m sure you have wondered why woman say “We don’t talk enough”

Well this can be confusing for guys because we often respond with statements like “what do you mean, we talk all the time”or “isn’t that’s what you have girlfriends for” .

Regarding the first response of “what do you mean? We talk all the time” Men think that discussing things like bills, the mortgage, the children or pets and planning what to do on the weekends counts as talking, us guys think that as long as we are exchanging words to one another then we’re talking.

But for woman this kind of conversation is really just noise – and its seen as more so a task rather than actually talking to one another which is why woman say “We don’t talk enough” .

To be able to understand the other common response men have which is “isn’t that what your girlfriends are for” – we need to take a more in depth look at how we are hard wired which dates back to our evolution.

The interesting thing is that we are all still hard wired to think and act like we were as cavemen and woman.

In these times a mans role was to go out each day and risk his life to provide for his family by capturing and killing his prey before returning home to indulge in much deserved relaxation time . This relaxation was commonly done alone or with other men in the tribe – and a caveman who provided for his family felt valued and this fed his masculine side.

A woman’s role was to look after the home and nurture her children – and also interact with the other females in her tribe or village. Due to illness and predators, woman were very fearful of death during these times – so the task of building close relationships with woman in their village was very important to them – because they wanted to know that if they did die, the other woman would care enough about them to take care of their children.

So all of these activities nurtured a woman’s feminine side. Even as as recently as say 30 years ago when woman did not typically work, they were able to feed their feminine side by spending part of their day talking with neighbours or meeting up with girlfriends to discuss topics that are important to woman.

This hardwiring has created issues in modern day relationships because woman are now playing the same role of a caveman by going out of the home each day to work hard and provide for their family. However woman still have the same desire and need to nurture their feminine side which is why they often want to talk with you of a night time.

The difficulty for men is that just like woman are hard wired to want to feed their feminine side through communicating, men are hard wired to go out of the home – work hard each day and then return home and relax and rejuvenate before doing it all again. The thing is though, most men like to unwind alone or without any interruption.

So when both sexes return home from a hard days work, because of a woman’s hardwiring – she is in desperate need to nurture her feminine side which is why she wants to just chat with you – without having any particular agenda to discuss .

But this is hard for men cause we are problem solvers and have been conditioned more so to discuss matters at hand rather than just chat.

And men are hard wired to come home, zone out and rejuvenate before leaving the house again the following day – so basically we are both wanting different things which is why there is this conflict – and why woman will say that men don’t talk to them enough.

So the main ways this situation can improve is for you to explain to your wife or girlfriend that when you get home – you need a certain period of time to unwind without interruption.

What you kinda want to do in a way is book in an appointment time – when you will be emotionally available to give your partner the time that she needs to nurture her feminine side and have a chat with you.

She will appreciate the clear communication and effort you have made to make her a priority and you buy yourself the time to exercise, workout, go to the tool shed or man cave and unwind.

But if you make that time to talk to your wife or girlfriend uninterrupted then you have to honor that and don’t talk whilst you are watching TV or anything else. I hope today’s video has made a bit more sense of why woman say “We don’t talk enough”

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