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In today’s video I am going to discuss why the cost of hiring an image consultant or personal fashion stylist is like an investment, rather than an expense and will likely save you money in the long run.


The current economic climate is very challenging and for the majority of people, spending money on products and services brings with it much consideration and often hesitation before committing to any such transaction.


This may certainly be the case when considering engaging an image consultant to assist in improving or updating your image through your style and personal grooming efforts.


Some people may think of an image consultant or personal stylist to only be accessible by the rich or famous, but this is certainly a misconception and a good analogy may be that of hiring a personal trainer.


In the early 1980’s there was a huge shift and focus towards fitness through cardiovascular and resistance or weight training . This shift was sparked by the rise in popularity of the sport of bodybuilding and brought with it an increased focus on developing an appealing aesthetic look of a lean and muscular physique.


When this cultural shift took place, it created a new market and professional service which we now know as personal trainers. During this earlier period, personal trainers for one on one consultancy would have been seen as a luxury service afforded only by the likes of professional athletes, actors, musicians and more wealthy individuals.


But as time went by and the research around health, diet and fitness increased, ironically the rates of obesity and health related diseases also increased and everyday people realised how critical it was to make a conscious effort with their diet and fitness regimes even if that meant outlaying personal funds to achieve this.


With this increased awareness towards health, the emergence and popularity of personal trainers for everyday people along with the more affluent became common place and as you would now know, personal training has emerged to become a very well recognised and utilised service by many people.


Just like the health and fitness movement grew in awareness, so too are people including modern day men now beginning to realise more and more how important dressing well and grooming yourself appropriately can impact your level of professional and social success.


Just like personal trainers transitioned from being a service for few to a service for many, I believe that image consultants or personal stylists will also lose their tag as being a service only for the elite.


In my opinion, any man who wants to increase his chances of gaining employment, being promoted, meeting women and being a sharp dressed husband or boyfriend would greatly benefit from the services of a professional image consultant.


As can be the case with any product or service, the hurdle many men have regarding hiring an image consultant is the cost involved so today I want to discuss 6 reasons why you are actually more likely to save money in the long run by paying for an image consultant as opposed to going shop on your own.




The first reason why paying for an image consultant will save you money is that a skilled image consultant will choose effective and well thought out clothing items that will be worn routinely and offer great value for money.


On average, men wear just 20% of their clothing 80% of the time. This is most commonly because men have made poor clothing choices through a lack of men’s style awareness or the fact that they don’t enjoy clothes shopping.


As a result, many men get frustrated during shopping trips and make rash clothing choices they later regret.  When this takes place, 80% of the clothing items in most men’s wardrobes turn into dust collectors or get donated to local thrift stores. When I work with my clients, in addition to increasing my clients confidence, my biggest goal is to provide my clients with a wardrobe in which every single item can be worn on a consistent basis and provide them great value for the money they spend on the clothing we choose together.




Reason number two is that a skilled image consultant will metaphorically show you how to turn 500 meters into 1 kilometer. This is achieved by showing you a variety of different ways to wear your current clothing which will create a variety of new outfits you can wear without the need to buy new clothing. This means your wardrobe will be more versatile and you won’t need to go shopping as often as you currently are.


And when a good consultant takes you shopping for new clothing, he will ensure he helps you choose versatile clothing items that create many interchangeable outfits resulting in great value for money spent.


#3 – DEALS


Reason number three is that a busy image consultant will be in the shopping centre most days of the week working with his clients and will therefore be aware of any current deals that are available at each and every store. The consultant constantly having his finger on the pulse like this will result in you saving more money than if you were going shopping alone and unaware of the various deals.




Reason number four is that a great image consultant strives to do far more than simply choose clothing items for his clients. When I work with clients, we spend hours together as I offer either a half or full day service and in that time I am imparting all of the education I have amassed over years of research through reading over 50 men’s style books, endless hours researching men’s style and personal grooming online through articles and videos and the formal image consulting training I have undertaken through in person and online courses. ‘


By passing on this education which I do in person and through an in depth PDF documents I provide to all my clients, they not only leave me with sharp new clothes and outfits, but also the knowledge to maintain their improved look and continue to create strong first and on going impressions.




Reason number five is the commonly stated, and very true saying that time is money. Life has become so busy and it seems we never have enough time on our hands.


For most men, not only do they not like clothes shopping, but it’s often a very time consuming process. In addition, many of my clients tell me that they need to go shopping two, three and four separate times to find what they need to update their wardrobes.


In contrast to this very frustrating experience, a good image consultant will update your wardrobe in just one day and you will likely not need to go shopping again that season or even for the whole year depending on the climate in which you live in.


This means you are spending less money on petrol, parking and buying lunch at the shops on each of the multiple shopping trips throughout the year. It also means that you are gaining valuable time to spend with family, friends or however you wish to.




And the sixth and final reason why paying for an image consultant will save you money is because dressing better and creating stronger first and on going impressions will increase your chances of being more successful in your career when interviewing for jobs, being considered for promotions and when companies and recruitment professionals are headhunting for candidates on LinkedIn and company websites.


If you are more successful in your career, you will increase your earning potential and live a more financially secure life and the small cost of using an image consultant each year will be an investment that pays itself back over and over again.


So if you’ve been considering engaging an image consultant but have hesitated due to the cost, I suggest you switch from this short term outlook and instead view an the cost of an image consultant as a wise long term investment that will more than pay itself back.


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