Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and Improvemant.com and stay tuned to learn why Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg did and can dress bad but you can’t.
Because of my job as a men’s style and image consultant, and the fact I’ve been interviewed quite a lot for papers, podcasts and radio segments, I’m always asked in varying ways if image and more specifically the clothes we wear really matter?
One particular statement I’ve heard a few times now is: “If good dress sense was so important then why was and are Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg so successful?”
In case anyone doesn’t understand the context of that statement, Steve Jobs who’s now passed away and Mark Zuckerberg not only dressed and dress atrociously, but they both wore and wear the exact same thing everyday.





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As you can see in these images, Steve Jobs used to commit style double homicide on a daily basis wearing a black turtle neck sweater, blue jeans with no belt and top it off with the cardinal men’s style mistake of pairing exercise sneakers with jeans.
And Mark Zuckerberg is famous, or lets get serious – infamous for wearing a hoodie, tee shirt and jeans on a daily basis which he often pairs with Adidas slippers.
So why could and can Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg dress shit but you can’t?


Well quite simply, these 2 men are responsible for inventions that changed society and the way we live in this world as we know it!! Steve Jobs invented the personal computer and then followed that up with the game changing inventions of the IPod, IPhone and then IPad.
And of course Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook. And all these inventions are once in a generation developments which 99.99% of men won’t replicate in their lifetimes.
Due to the wild success these inventions created both financially and by way of power and authority within both men’s companies and industries, neither then had the need to dress in a way that would align with their intentions to be seen as successful and powerful because their once in a lifetime inventions proceed any other aspect of their lives including their dress sense and style.


And the other crucial point to make is that both men respectively were and currently are the CEO’s of their companies. They were and are at the very top of the food chain and effectively have nobody to answer to which means they won’t be reprimanded for their terrible dress sense.
And of equal importance, they were both the heads of technology based companies where I’m sad to say, they may have in fact been the best dressed in the office when compared to the programmers, software engines and computer technicians who roamed the Apple and Facebook halls wearing a broad range of novelty tee shirts, khaki pants and joggers.
But as mentioned, 99.99% of everyday men aren’t sitting on the next generation, game changing invention which will proceed all other elements of their lives including the way they dress and the subsequent first impressions they create.
99% of men haven’t reached a ceiling with their careers and never know how a chance encounter with a HR professional, senior hiring manager, CEO, entrepreneur or potential business partner could change their career, finances and life if they dress in a way that captures that persons attention and creates an air of success that impresses.
For 99% of men, the way you dress is an advertisement for the level of self pride you award yourself and the level of effort you are putting into advancing your career or aligning your image with your high level of career success you’ve reached to date.
And now I’d like to end with a critical point which is how your dress sense and style impacts your level of sex appeal and attraction regardless of your career and financial success!!
I made the point that Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg can essentially dress however they like given their once in a generation career success. But that statement is only true of their professional work attire. Do you think that just because of what these guys invented that women in social settings found and find these 2 men and their horrific dress sense to be sexy or attractive?






photo: https: www.redmondpie.com


Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg’s wives would be mortified by the way their husband did and do dress.
And having worked with hundreds of men which has ranged from guys still striving for success to guys who are wildly successful, I can tell you one thing for certain which is that all men regardless of being single or attached want to be seen as sexy and desirable.
Further to that point, I’m yet to meet a man who would refuse an increase in his level of confidence on a daily basis and especially within his social life.
And with those points in mind, I’m telling you for certain that you can’t appear as sexy and desirable to women if you’re dressed terribly no matter how attractive your face, body, job or bank account statements may be.
And as for confidence, well I’m telling you for a fact that I’ve witnessed the confidence of hundreds of men transform or increase in front of my eyes as I helped them to nail their style through my Image Doctor business.


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