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Knowing when to wear a tie can be a bit confusing for some men so today’s video is actually going to explain the common occasions when a tie is required so that you’re always dressed accordingly and won’t feel out of place.




When attending a job interview, there may be some select industries such as trades and more creative or artistic industries that don’t require a suit. But in almost all instances you should be wearing a suit to a job interview. When this is the case you should definitely wear a tie with your suit.




When you have the unfortunate task of attending a funeral, the common dress code is a dark suit which includes a tie. Whilst you may not like wearing a suit and tie, doing so at a wedding is a traditional sign of respect for the deceased.


Of all occasions, a funeral is an occasion when you really don’t want to look out of place so make the effort to adhere to the required dress code when attending a funeral.







Whilst there is far more variety in wedding dress codes than some other occasions, for the most part a suit and tie will be required unless clearly stated otherwise on the invite.


Just be certain to check the dress code stated on the invite and if you are really unsure then just ask the hosts what the expected dress code is. Generally speaking though, if the wedding takes place in a church then you will likely be required to wear a suit and tie to the ceremony.




If you’re attending a religious based event such as a baptism or bar mitzvah then you will generally be required to wear a suit and tie. Given that these events only take place once in the persons life they are taken quite seriously which includes the dress code.


So unless the invite states otherwise then you are best to wear a tie to these religious events.





If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the law then at least make sure that you are on the right side of the dress code. If you are attending court as defendant then it is an absolute non negotiable that you wear a suit and tie.


Not doing so will likely give the impression that you’re not giving this very serious occasion the importance that it commands. So increase your chances of a positive verdict by ensuring that you wear a tie to court.




Whilst this may not be the case every single time, my advice is that if you are presenting to a group or crowd of people then you are best to wear a tie. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a suit and a tie but should at least be a tie with a dress shirt.


If your presentation or speech holds a decent level of importance then my recommendation is that you wear a tie and ideally a suit and tie.


So refer back to this video if  you’re ever unsure if you need to wear a tie to an event and just remember to always read the invitation carefully and if you’re not sure just ask the hosts what dress code they are expecting.


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