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Today’s video is my next installment in the video mini series of what women want in bed, each video has one suggestion that will be desirable to women and I have included the previous video suggestions in the description field below for you.


Today’s example of what women want in bed is rougher sex. Whilst this example is certainly not applicable to all women, I’m quietly confident that many women wished they had more passionate and rough sex from time to time.


If you asked your girlfriend here favorite romantic movies and you then watched each of them, one common theme you will discover in the majority of these movies is sex scenes that were very passionate and involved some element of the man being dominate and rough with the women.


Romantic movies are a man’s secret weapon in better understanding what women want in bed and in a relationship. This is because movies are scripted and often written by women or based on a best selling novels written by female authors.


So in many cases, these romantic movies are almost like a fantasy story of what women want in bed and in relationships. When women go along to these types of movies, they will often leave with the cinema with wishful desires or finding a real life version of the male character and the abilities he had as a lover, boyfriend or husband.


So if passionate, rough sex is what women want in bed, how exactly does a guy actually be rough in bed? Below are some examples of how you can actually be more rough in bed and turn up the passion in your sex life:





Biting or soft nibbling of areas like the ear lobes, inner thighs, bottom lip, nipples and bum can be very exciting and sexy for a woman and increase the level of sexual intensity.



photo http://www.allthemisc.com/





Whilst a gentle stroke may be best for most parts of the body, a strong squeeze, grab or pull of the bum, hands or hair during sex can also excite and arouse a women so aim to mix things up and combine soft and hard touches when in bed.



photo http://gorgeouscompany.me/




I believe the majority of women secretly harbor the desire to be tied up by a man during sex. Being tied up means that a woman is helpless and at the mercy of a man and this can be very sexy for her.


Some common tools used to to her up are silk scarves, men’s ties, toy hand cuffs, old t-shirts or pieces of rope if you really want to get serious.



photo http://www.hellomaltatours.com/





Using dirty words and profanity can be a simple yet effective way to increase the passion and dirty vibe during sex. So look to throw in some choice swear words as you talk dirty to her.



photo by Jose Antonio via Flickr




If you literally want to leave a mark on your sexual experience then get your claws out and scratch her back, thighs or bum. This is one of the riskier rough sex moves that may not be well received.


If she can tolerate a bit of pain then leaving some scratches may be a nice little memento to remind her of the passion that she brought out in you.


photo http://www.matthewkimberley.com/





Spanking is a go to move for any couple serious about having good rough sex. The common area to spank is a woman’s bum and this can be done with an open hand or sex toys such as a whip or paddle.


You can order a women onto her hands and knees to dish out some spanking or just incorporate this into sex when using positions like doggie style, her on top or the reverse cowgirl position.


If it’s clear that the lady you are with is quite kinky and the rough sex is being well received, you may also consider lightly slapping her face if you’re feeling brave.




photo http://openoureyeslord.com/




Many women like a man who takes charge and gets what he wants. If you want to assert your dominance then take charge and give orders and demands during sex. You may order her to perform a certain sexual act, get into a certain sexual position or demand that she tells you what she wants you to do to her.



photo http://www.360nobs.com/





Show me a girl that doesn’t want to be carried to bed and I will show you a liar. There are several ways a woman can be whisked off her feet and lifting her up off the ground so that her legs are wrapped around your waist and is sure to get her excited and demonstrate your strength and masculinity.


If you are able to physically manage this move, carrying her to bed should definitely be part of your rough sex game plan.



photo https://meaningsandmusings.wordpress.com




When you’re on top and kissing during foreplay, force her arms over her head and then hold her down by restraining her wrists. If she tries to wriggle free just stay strong and show her who’s in control.



photo http://jonesandb.com/




And the final suggestion which is getting quite serious about rough sex is some light choking. Caution should be applied when doing so, but this can be a sexy move to employ when you are on top and wanting to assert your dominance towards her.


So keep all these suggestions in mind and maybe just crawl before you walk with some of the more innocent rough sex tactics and if they are well received then you can build on those moves with some of the more aggressive tactics.


Whilst rough sex isn’t for everyone, I believe it is definitely one example of what women want in bed and will increase your sex appeal towards women.


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