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Today’s video is my next installment in the video mini series of what women want in bed and I’ve included all the previous video links in the description field below for you.
Today’s suggestion of what women want in bed is a guy that is well groomed and has good personal hygiene. Regarding your personal grooming and how this affects your level of attractiveness during sex, the main considerations are keeping certain areas of body hair neatly trimmed or completely removed depending on the area.






The main area that should be neatly trimmed is the pubic hair above your penis and also the hair on your bum and bum crack. This area is the most visual during sex and depending on which sexual acts are performed, the lady may be in very close proximity to this area.


The pubic hair region can be effectively trimmed and maintained on an ongoing basis using a small men’s grooming tool.






The next area to trim and maintain is the hair on your bum cheeks and bum crack.  This can be slightly more tricky but with the correct body positioning and a small precision grooming tools this can become a simple, routine men’s grooming activity you keep on top of.


I recently posted in depth videos on both how to trim pubic hair as well as how to trim or remove butt and butt crack hair.







Hair on the upper arms is not attractive to the majority of women and should be removed by men regardless of their status as either a single, attached or married man.




You don’t want to be in missionary position in which your shoulders are nestled into her cheeks and she feel like she’s been trapped in a hairy hornets nest.




Back hair is highly undesirable for most women and it would be very odd to come across a female who was turned on by this unfortunate heriditary heirloom your kind family forefathers so kindly passed onto you.




The perineum is the strip of skin between your testicles and anus. Just like the pubic region, depending in the sexual acts performed, your lady friend may find herself close to this section of skin and would appreciate a smooth and clean, fresh surface as opposed to a smelly, unhygienic area.


The most common hair removal options are laser hair removal, waxing, shaving and hair removal creams which you can trial and test until you find a solution which suits you best.


Whilst men can’t help having hair in these areas, the unfortunate reality is that this hair is not attractive to women and measures need to be taken to ensure you are not turning women off sleeping with you.


Whilst I appreciate this is a huge generalization, most men prefer a lady who has no pubic hair or at least has neatly trimmed pubic hair. And in the same way, women will also find a man who makes the same effort with his grooming and body hair removal as being more of an appealing prospect to have sex with or could be the difference between having sex just once or doing so a 2nd, 3rd and 50th time


The other important aspect is your personal hygiene efforts and I’m just going to be very blunt with one key aspect of this. If you want a girl to go down on you have the decency to present her with a clean, hygienic area to be in contact with.


Besides this being common courtesy, this should also be done to increase your chances of having regular sex with your partner or repeat sex with a girl you’ve slept with the first time. You also want to ensure you have no sweat and body odour and are smelling inviting.


So always have a shower before sex when possible or at least use a washer or some moist wipes to give your pubic area and under arms a quick wash and freshen up.


Being good in bed involves a number of considerations including your personal grooming and hygiene so be sure to keep these suggestions in mind so that her experience with you is as positive as possible

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