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Today’s video is my next installment in the video mini series of what women want in bed, each video has one suggestion that will be desirable to women and I have included the previous video suggestions in the description field below for you.


Today’s example of what women want in bed is a man who is complimentary and will put any negative self doubts the lady may have at ease.


When a women opens herself up sexually to a man, she may be dealing with more vulnerability, self doubt and apprehension than some men may realise. These feelings are not dictated by a woman’s level of beauty and relate more so to a ladies level of self confidence and how she views herself.


This includes particularly beautiful women who’s level of confidence and self worth may not be equal with how they look on a physical level. This point can be highlighted by the common occurrence of men wanting the lights to be left on during sex and some women preferring to make love in a dark room.


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Us men are very visual creatures and our attraction to women and stimuli when getting turned on for sex is highly visual. Seeing a naked women and taking in all parts of her body is a huge part of the enjoyment that men experience during a sexual encounter and why we often try and resist her desires to turn the lights off.


Some women may be requesting the lights stay off because they are self conscious of how they look naked and feel more comfortable knowing that you are not able to see every part of their bodies under bright lighting or natural daylight.





When you are in the early stages of initiating sex when still clothed and kissing one another, women may be wondering what you are thinking of her on a physical level and this is a great time to start to compliment her with statements such as:

  • It’s so exciting to be with you
  • I feel so close to you
  • I feel so connected to you
  • I’m so turned on to be with you at the moment
  • You’re an amazing kisser
  • You taste even better than I imagined
  • I’ve been looking forward to this all day


And any other similar types of general compliments that highlight your interest and excitement to be with the lady in a physical way. If the lady does have any anxiety regarding the sexual encounter, these general compliments may work to put the lady in a more settled and confident state of mind and possibly allow her to relax and become more in the moment.


These general compliments are only the base foundation though and as you move to undressing one another and making contact with different parts of her body, you want to transition from very general compliments to very specific compliments.



Instead of saying “your body is amazing”, break down your compliments by body part and be very specific and descriptive when complimenting that area.


I’m not suggesting you stand there and work your way from head to toe reciting detailed compliments one by one , but if you are good in bed then you should be paying attention to all areas of a ladies body during the all important foreplay stage using of your hands, mouth and tongue.


So as you move around the body taking your time to focus on each different area, just tell her how nice that area feels, looks and tastes before moving onto the next.




These targeted and specific compliments can be endless but some examples may include:

  • Your skin feels amazing
  • You smell incredible
  • I love how your stomach feels
  • Your legs are a perfect shape
  • Your boobs are the perfect size
  • Your nipples look amazing
  • Your ass looks and feels incredible
  • Your p#$%y tastes amazing
  • You have a really pretty p#$%y
  • Your thighs are sexy
  • Your eyes are so pretty
  • Your lips are amazing to kiss


The reason that you want to be so specific is because it’s possible the lady herself critiques and worries about very specific areas of her body. So when you make the effort and consideration to offer her very specific compliments, this is likely to make her feel great and increase her level of enjoyment during sex.


Just think of this situation in reverse and how amazing you would feel if a lady was complimenting your body parts and genitals during sex. Doing so would no doubt increase your confidence and how turned on you feel in that moment as well as how you feel about yourself after the sexual encounter has taken place.


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When you offer her these compliments she may respond by firing back with negative statements like:

  • “Whatever”
  • “Fuck off”
  • “Shut up you liar”
  • “Whatever I’m none of those things”
  • “I wish they were but thanks”
  • “You don’t have to say that”
  • “You’re just sating that”
  • “You say that to all the girls don’t you”


Statements like these are natural, human nature driven responses that many men and women will make when receiving compliments. If she does respond in this manner, don’t be deterred and continue to offer her specific compliments as you move around her body.


Even if she seems to be responding negatively, your efforts in complimenting her will always be more beneficial than not saying anything at all will demonstrate your attentiveness to her body and willingness to express how you feel about her.


So keep this suggestion in mind as I’m confident that receiving compliments is definitely on the list of what women want in bed from a man and will add to your sex appeal to women.


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