Today’s piece of relationship advice falls under the category of somewhat bizarre, incredibly simple and insanely powerful. Some may laugh at this simple suggestion and for those that do I can only imagine you’re likely in shitty relationships and with a lady who wished more from her man.


For those that get my advice and put it into action, you just watch as your wife’s happiness increases along with the frequency of your sex life. This simple advice is to simply clean the toilets in your house at least once a week.


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Now you should be cleaning up any obvious mess and nastiness after each trip to the bathroom and if you missed my previous video on why not doing so is a huge boyfriend and husband mistake, I’ve included that video on the description field below for you.


Whilst you want to wipe down the toilet seat and check the bowl for any marks each time, what I’m talking about today is setting aside time once a week where you chuck the rubber gloves on, get out some bleach or ammonia and give all areas of the toilet a really thorough scrub and clean.


As weird as it may seem, just think of the toilet in your house the same way you would the seats in your car, the paint job on your motorbike or the pool table in your man cave. You like those things to be kept in good condition and you get pissed off and upset when they aren’t and this is exactly how your lady feels about a dirty to list.




It’s actually due to a women’s evolution so stick with me as I explain why.


Women’s evolutionary past as cave woman primarily involved gathering small varieties of food and keeping the house in a respectable and orderly manner for when her caveman husband returned home from hunting.


This hard wired DNA is still present in women today and they like for all aspects of their house, most notably the kitchen and bathrooms to be kept in a respectable manner.


Unlike 95% of men who dirty a toilet but never bother to clean it. If you place yourself in the coveted 5% bracket of decent men who go above and beyond to make their lady happy that’s exactly what you’ll achieve and the general happiness and health of your sex life will greatly benefit as a result.



So get out those fluero pink rubber gloves and make the effort once a week to scrub, clean, brush and disinfect your way to a happier, healthier wife, girlfriend, relationship, marriage and sex life.


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