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Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and Improvemant.com and watch the video above or read the article below to learn what women find attractive in men.


Today’s video is the first installment in an ongoing mini series with examples of what women find attractive in men. Each video will include one example so keep tuning back into Improvemant.com to learn more on this topic.


Our first example of what women find attractive in men is a guy that has a particular talent he is very passionate about and displays a fair amount of talent with.


On a very basic level, demonstrating talent is attractive to the opposite sex on a primal level that dates back to the earliest existence of human kind. In the times of cave men and women, the man with the most strength, skill and ability was most attractive to the women in that tribe.


Whilst the skills and abilities of a modern day man is different to that of a cave man, the ability to demonstrate talents that are not held by most other men at the party, pub, club or office is as attractive today as it was thousands of years ago.


This is because we all hold the desire to be with somebody who offers value through their ability to stand out and impress others. This may be how they look, the job they have, the money they earn or the talents that they possess.


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Have you ever been at a party or BBQ and one of the male guests whips out his guitar and starts rocking out tunes for everybody or instigates a group sing along.


Try and recall how your wife, girlfriend or female friends at the party reacted to that guys ability to play the guitar or sing a song. I’m guessing they were very impressed and some women may have even remarked that he was very cool, sexy or talented.


Learning a new skill or talent that is further developed and mastered takes DEDICATIONCOMMITMENT and PATIENCE. These personality traits are all attractive to women because dedication, commitment and patience are also traits that boyfriends and husbands require to maintain effective relationships and marriages.


Whilst the mastery of most skills is likely obtained for personal gain, in doing so you will indirectly demonstrate positive traits that women may feel are transferable within a relationship.


Having the dedication and commitment to learn and master a skill will naturally require a considerable amount of passion for that area of interest. If you ask a group of ladies to list what women find attractive in men, I’m very confident that PASSION will be a common answer reported by the ladies.


Most women are deterred by the thought of living mundane and boring lives and are therefore interested in men who have passion and enthusiasm for life and want to take on interesting challenges, skills and adventures.


With this in mind, a man that can display his passion for life or a particular area of interest is another attractive quality to women. In this case, a woman may feel that you will have the enthusiasm and energy to teach her new skills or potentially take part in interests and passions that she holds.


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So what are some common talents and skills that women find attractive in men? Let’s run through a list and you may find that some of these talents are of interest to you and could be developed to increase your value and level of attraction.








As mentioned, the ability to play an instrument is very sexy to women. By learning an instrument you will have the ability to get the party started or serenade that special lady in an intimate setting.


Both of these abilities will greatly add to your attraction level.




Cooking is one of the best skills a man can learn which will increase his value as a husband or boyfriend. Learning to cook means that you can share the burden of performing this task for your partner and children and you also have the ability to cook your partner romantic meals that will make her feel special.




Being able to speak another language or being a show off and speaking multiple languages is like winning the lottery when it comes to impressing women.


This may be because most women have a strong desire to travel and the the idea of travelling with a man who could speak a local language is appealing. It is also very impressive when a man or woman can order food or drink in the language of the cuisine at a certain restaurant.


I don’t think it’s any secret that French and Italian are languages that many women find particularly attractive so maybe consider the benefits of learning these languages or any others that may be of interest to you.




Dancing is a talent that is an absolutely stand out skill that drives women wild and it’s actually been suggested that women view a man’s ability to dance as an extension of his abilities in the bedroom.


Look no further than the american actor Channing Tatum for proof that women find a man that can dance well very sexy.


Unless you live under a rock then you would have seen or heard the hysteria around women and the movie Magic Mike in which Channing Tatum is a male stripper and the movie has various dance scenes that women go crazy over.


Prior to that movie he was also the lead character in a movie called Step Up which had extensive dance scenes and like Magic Mike, Channing Tatum significantly increased his sex appeal to women by showcasing this talent.


Another clear example of this point is the late great Patrick Swayze who carved out his status as a sex symbol after his famous role in the movie dirty dancing.


The reality is that most guys hate dancing and will generally avoid it at all costs. This means that you can join the other guys that retreat to the bar or pokie room when the dance floor kicks off, or you could look into attending some dance classes or purchasing an online video based program to learn some new moves and increase your attraction to women.




Excelling in the sporting arena is another talent and skill that many women find attractive. You would of heard the term groupies in which professional athletes have groups of women that closely support them and even follow and approach them in social settings.


Whilst the fame and money that athletes earn is an obvious attraction to women, the fact that these men have exceptional talent that creates their lifestyle is also an element of the attraction that they command from women.




Exhibiting exceptional physical strength is a talent and physical trait that  most women have been programmed to find desirable as part of their DNA.


In the eras of the caveman and Roman Empire, the men that were able to protect themselves and provide for women and their families were the men who offered the highest value to women.


Being physically strong often went hand in hand with this ability to protect and provide and is the reason that many modern day women will instinctively find strong and muscular men attractive.




And the final talent in our list of what women find attractive in men is the ability to build and fix things. A man that can build a deck, cubby house or pergola and fix things like a car engine, leaking tap or broken piece of furniture is very appealing to women.


The fact that these men have the talent to build something from nothing or the knowledge and skill to fix a problem is very impressive and demonstrates your ability to add value to a woman.


So have a think about this list of talents and consider if you may be able to put in the effort to develop and master any of these skills to increase the appeal and attraction you could showcase to women you meet.


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