Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and Improvemant.com and stay tuned to learn the learn what to wear on a first date: EPISODE 2
Welcome back to our series of what to wear and today’s episode is number two in our mini series of what to wear on a first date in which I discuss a different date location each episode and show you appropriate outfit ideas to suit that setting including warm and cold weather options.
Episode number one was a coffee date at a café and I’ve listed and linked to that episode in the description field below if you missed it.
And before I move onto today’s date just a reminder that there’s essentially no first date setting that calls for you to wear a suit or a tie within a smart casual outfit as this can run the risk of positioning you as somewhat desperate as though securing a first date was as important as a job interview for you.
The idea of your first date men’s style is 2 fold which is:


  1. To look effortlessly stylish and
  2. Aligning your outfit with the setting and vibe of your first date location




photo: www.plug.london


So today’s first date location is the good old night time cinema date and it’s important to state that this is not dinner at a restaurant and then a movie at the cinema. I believe a straight movie date or maybe a quick coffee then movie is kind of like the safe first date in which there’s not a great deal of long term eye contact and the need to talk non stop, but you can see if she looks as good in person as she did on her Tinder or online dating profile. In this case you can just see if your initial conversation and connection isn’t too awkward.
Essentially the cinema date is like a pre season trial before game 1 of the season. And just as a side note fellas, if you want to appear as confident and assertive I wouldn’t actually suggest the cinema as a first date because she may think you are not confident enough to be able to maintain strong eye contact and effective conversation.


But the reality is that lots of guys do and will continue to set up cinema first dates so let’s look at sharp first date cinema outfits starting with warmer weather options first.






Sandro - Cool Cosmos:

White shirt - distressed jeans and #chelseaboots by @sandroisfree [ http://ift.tt/1f8LY65 ]:

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this just dont make no sense!:

Jay Ellis:


casual. blue pants, red gingham dress shirt.:

David Beckham Brings His Boxer Briefs to Berlin | Photos:



Now let’s take a look at some colder weather first date cinema outfit ideas.

Sweater with denim for men. Also See other Top 5 “Just Jeans” Looks — Mens Fashion Blog - The Unstitchd:


More suits, #menstyle, style and fashion for men @ http://www.zeusfactor.com:

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren | iamgalla.com:


Instagram photo by @magic_fox via ink361.com:


Today's look Love these colors.. Have a nice evening! #fall:

« Have a nice day! #styleiswhat styleiswhat.com @sandroisfree »:

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Adam Gallagher - YSL:

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Today's look* ______________ Jacket by @viparo #casual #streets #viparo:

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So guys i have a polyvore account if any of you know what that is... you should follow me... i will be taking requests for outfit imagines, but i am also writing a Niall fanfiction too my username is: MoMonicaR thanks! love you guys!!:

Causal but still dressy:


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  • https://www.instagram.com/sandroisfree/
  • www.iamgalla.com


There you go guys, guys, I really hope today’s video has provided you with a mini road map for how you can dress on a first date at a cinema so your outfit is in line with the setting and expectations of that location choice so the first impression you make in those make or break first 3 seconds leads to a second date and maybe even a long term relationship.


Use these suggestions as a guide when you next swipe right, match with a cute girl and arrange to go see a movie together and there’s no doubt she’ll be impressed with how you look and then it’s on you to keep that conversation flowing and turn your first date into a second, fifth and long term relationship.


Keep tuning back in as our next what to wear on a first date video will be the lunch date and will again include a variety of men’s outfit inspirations including different options for different temperatures. If you enjoyed this post feel free to like, share and leave your comments down below and keep tuning back into Improvemant.com for regular videos to improve yourself as a man.


And if you’d like to dress sharper, feel more confident and actually enjoy the process of going clothes shopping you can see all my men’s personal styling and clothes shopping services here at my Image Doctor website.

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