Welcome to Improvemant.com

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Welcome to improvemant.com

Hey guys my name’s Dan Thomas and I started this website improvemant.com because I feel for blokes, it’s a pretty challenge time we are living in at the moment.

It seems we have more on our plates than ever before, instead of working say 9-5, we work from a start time – till whenever the tasks for that day are completed, and to compound this issue, whilst we work these long and hard hours, unfortunately over 70% of people are not satisfied with or just don’t enjoy the work they do.

In terms of relationships, woman are claiming it is really tough to find a bloke who is marriage or even boyfriend material, and us guys, well we find it really hard to understand woman and what it is they are looking for. Regarding those couples that do take the plunge, unfortunately divorce rates are now at over 50% which is not encouraging.

And as for single blokes, well there seems to be more ways than ever to meet woman, yet it still seems tricky to find someone you really click with.

Depression and other mental health problems are on the rise and the modern day man is expected to show and talk about his feelings and emotions – but for many guys this is less familiar as sitting down to pee or putting the seat down when your finished.

Obesity, stress, heart attacks and other health issues are occurring at record rates and we are also living in very challenging financial times. But unlike previous generations, our lives are now on public displaying as we live in this very rich social media society. There is nowhere to hide, which has put the expectation to be successful under a very bright spotlight.

But despite all these drastic changes, what hasn’t changed is that many men are still suffering in silence and living by the old rules of keeping everything bottled up and battling on with no help, guidance or road map. Well my intention and hope improvemant.com is to build a community of men who want to make improvements in various areas so that they may feel better about how things are going in their life

By visiting my site each day you will find a daily video covering the main areas that I feel can contribute to being a successful and happy guy which includes and in no particular order of importance, style and grooming, women and relationships, sex and attraction, health, domestic skills to take care of the house and also topics to give you motivation and inspiration to tackle life head on.

In an attempt to feed you guys with great knowledge and content I read up to 5 books a week on the topics I just mentioned because I think you can never stop learning – and there is no more valuable or important topic to learn and improve on than yourself and the person you want to be, so check back into www.improvemant.com each day to learn some great tools to improve all areas of your life so that your a better boyfriend, husband and bloke in general.

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