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Are you really trying hard enough? Could you be trying harder? And what could you change, create, master or achieve in your business, career, relationship, sport or life if you did find another gear and took your success to a level your conscious mind doesn’t think is possible?


If you’re not trying hard enough or striving for the next level don’t worry cause you’re not the first person to do this and you won’t be the last.


Possibly the very best example of not stretching for success until success was viewed as attainable is the famous 4 MINUTE MILE STORY.


Way back in 1945 the world record for the 4 mile running race was 4:01 which was a seemingly quick time. With a time that was now so close to beginning with the number 3, attention and media hype turned to when the world record would become a sub 4 minute mile.


Well the world had to be very patient as:

  • 1 year went by and the world record of 4:01 remained
  • 3 years went by and the world record of 4:01 remained
  • 5 years went by and the world record of 4:01 remained
  • 8 years went by and the world record of 4:01 remained


At the same time there was also similar interest and media buzz around the race to conquer Mount Everest and who would be the first person to climb the iconic summit.


And then after 9 long years……. IT HAPPENED!!





On the 6th of May, 1954 roughly 12 months after Edmund Hillary became the first man to conquer Everest, Roger Bannister clocked at 3:59 sub 4 minute mile and delivered the new world record the world had been waiting for.


But what’s this story got to do with stretching yourself and reaching levels of success you didn’t think were possible?


Well let’s rewind back to the 9 year period in which runners from all corners of the globe were chasing the elusive sub 4 minute mile. Over this period the highest profile and most successful runner of the time was a man by the name of John Landy.


In the 2 years leading up to Roger Bannister breaking the world record, the leading runner of the times Landy had clocked the following consecutive 4 mile race time:

  • 4:02.1
  • 4:02.6
  • 4:02.8
  • 4:02.5
  • 4:02.7
  • 4:02.3


After the last of those performances, in a race where he was on track to break 4 minutes until the final 100m, he was quoted as saying the following to journalists:


“Frankly, I think the four-minute mile is beyond my capabilities. Two seconds may not sound much, but to me it’s like trying to break through a brick wall. Someone may achieve the four-minute mile the world is wanting so desperately, but I don’t think I can.”


The real story is in what happened just 46 days later not long after Roger Bannister cracked the world record. John Landy, the same dude who had said “I don’t think I can”, went out and ran not only sub-4 minutes, not even 3:59 as Roger Bannister achieved, but a previously unattainable time of 3:57.9!!





That’s a full 4 seconds faster than Landy had ever thought possible. And it took Roger Bannister beating his previous record to open Landy’s eyes to this possibility and force him to stretch further, dig deeper and realise the potential of the human spirit and what it’s capable of achieving when there is BELIEF involved.


And in the following few years, runner after runner all over the globe started to crack the sub 4 minute mile by stretching higher, digging deeper and breaking through mental barriers they had created and built up within their own belief systems.


So today’s post comes with a CHALLENGE!!


I CHALLENGE you to stretch higher, dig deeper, expand your belief system and take the success in your business, career, sport, relationship or life in general to a level you didn’t think was possible because nobody else in your market, industry, office, team or competition has been able to push beyond a certain sales target, income bracket, time, score, relationship status or life goal or dream.


So today I’m challenging you to become the Roger Bannister in your field. I’m challenging you to dig deeper and do the ALLEGEDLY IMPOSSIBLE which opens the door for others to break free of their limitations and achieve and succeed at the highest level.


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