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With the current divorce rate now higher than 50%, the question “should I date a single mother” is a reality in today’s society and I felt this relationship issue is a very relevant topic to discuss.


It’s natural for some men to have a certain level of hesitation or reluctance to become involved with a single mother as there is no doubt this offers a number of challenges and requires careful consideration.


However, some men may be overlooking a variety of benefits that dating a single mother can offer and today I am going to do my best to point them out for you.





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There are many things men may be looking for in a woman, and you need to be on the same page with many core factors for a relationship to work. On a very basic level though, we all just want to be with somebody who is a good person and has qualities and personality traits that we would value in a partner.


A single mother requires a host of amazing traits that double as great girlfriend qualities. This includes being selfless and unselfish which she will be towards her child or children. She will be a strong and independent women who is very capable of getting things done and won’t be depending on you to do many things for her.


She will have incredible resilience and be used to dealing with stressful and challenging situations.  She is likely to be a very caring person which is necessary to be a good mother and she should be a relatively patient person as this is a trait constantly exercised by parents.




Dating a single mother is like dating a female MacGyver. In the same way that MacGyver could escape prison in a plane he built with paper clips, soda cans and cafeteria trays, a single mother can solve just about any problem or issue with the hundreds of objects she somehow carries in her handbag.




A single mother may be less likely to sweat the small stuff and focus on unnecessary negatives.  Having a child and dealing with the inevitable challenges they present and the realisation that their lives and safety are so fragile can result in single parents having a clearer perspective on what issues are really worthy of stressing over.




A single mother is likely to be more mature than woman her age that don’t have children. This is often a bi product of the life experience and lessons learned through raising a child and maturity is certainly a great quality a man should look for in a partner.




We all want our partner to make us feel special, loved and appreciated and this can certainly be the case when dating a single mother. Single parents are very time poor and also very cautious in who they let into their lives as they have their children to consider as well as themselves.


If a single mother is willing to give up some of her limited time to spend with you, this means you must have some great qualities you can offer to her. And if the relationship progresses to a point that she is willing to introduce you to her precious children, this is an even larger clarification of the fact that you are a good person that she respects and see’s a future with.




Another nice benefit that comes with the limited time and emotional stresses that a single mother faces is that she is less likely to play games. Because she is time poor and has her child or children to consider when dating a man, there is less grey area and much more black and white in that if she likes you, you are likely to know this because she will give up her time to see you and introduce you to her children.


And if she doesn’t want to see you or she doesn’t think you will be a good person to have around her children, then you will know this too because she will tell you or will be declining your invitations to spend time together.




The next benefit is an important point that I want guys to consider which is that you are not going to go from a bachelor to a father overnight. Whilst her ex may not have been a wonderful husband or boyfriend, he may literally be the world’s most amazing father who takes an incredibly active role in their lives.


They may have a very even time split in terms of their shared custody and whilst their is no escaping the fact that you will definitely become a role model, will likely become a referee if the lady has more than one child and may need to assert some degree of authority, you may also have the chance to become somewhat of a friend to her children which is often a difficult status to achieve as a biological parent who’s focus needs to be on discipline and teaching lessons to their child or children.




If you watch my videos regularly and in particularly my videos in the women and relationships and sex categories at Improvemant.com, you would have heard me say a hundred times that a woman’s desire to have sex is closely linked to the emotional connection she is feeling towards her partner at the time he initiates sex.


Whilst I’m not able to prove this point, I would be willing to bet my house on the fact that the final 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of a strained relationship or marriage would have been void of any regular sex. And when sex did take place, I would also bet that the lady was not very committed and didn’t enjoy the experience a great deal.


The relationship or marriage is breaking down because the man and women are no longer connected emotionally and whilst some men can put this fact aside and still desire and enjoy the physical components of having sex, the vast majority of women can’t do the same.


And the reason I’m explaining this is because it’s likely that the single mother you will be dating is craving amazing sex that she has not in quite some time. This may result in very passionate and enjoyable sex that she appreciates and wants regularly.




If you’re not sure you like the idea of caring for a baby and the way that this will change your life, it could be seen as a positive to date a single mother who has young children or teenagers.


Whilst a child of any age can offer a variety of challenges, an infant brings with it the most amount of responsibility and time input so you may like thew idea of being some form of a father figure or mentor to children without having to have gone through the period of the child’s infancy.


And if the ex of the single mother you are dating is a fantastic father and the lady does not want to have any more kids, a single mother may be a good match for a man who does not want children of his own.




On the flip side though, if you do want children of your own and you’ve discovered that the lady is willing to have more children, you will be able to see if your partner is a good mother before you take that step by seeing first hand what type of mother she is to her current child or children




A single mother can offer very stimulating and engaged conversation. A single mother is likely spending a lot of time talking to her child or children about non adult related topics and watching kids shows and movies if they are younger. For this reason she will be craving conversations that has more substance and depth and  may be far more interested and engaged in what you have to say.




Most single mothers are unlikely to be party girls who drink regularly or take part in recreational drugs and other risk taking behavior. Most single mothers are very responsible, mature adults which is very attractive to most men.




Whilst I’m sure there are lot’s of men who liked the process of planning a wedding, through my experiences with family members and friends, guys tend to love the wedding day but hate the months or years of planning and costs involved.


When you date a single mother who has previously been married, there may be a chance she doesn’t want to have another wedding, or may just be happy with a smaller, more intimate ceremony which requires less planning and is not so expensive.


#14 – HAPPY


The final and potentially biggest benefit of dating a single mother is that she is likely to be an incredibly happy person who feels lucky and blessed. This may surprise some men who picture a run down single mother juggling a million things at once and assume she may not be a particularly happy person.


But if you ask women what they want most in life, the majority will tell you that they want to be mothers to beautiful children. This is a natural desire present in the make up of many women and the idea of caring for and raising another human life is what gives many women purpose, meaning and tremendous happiness.


Whilst they obviously would have preferred their marriages or relationships to have worked out, those relationships still provided them with the children they dearly wished for and this can result in a very happy lady who appreciates her life and is great fun to be around.


So there we have it guys, maybe after watching this video, you’ve got a few different opinions about the idea of dating a single mother and some of the benefits involved in doing so.


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