Hey guys Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and Improvemant.com and stay tuned to learn 3 sex positions to last longer in bed.

The aim of the game here is to find sex positions with 3 main factors which is:


  1. More shallow penetration
  2. Positions in which the sex is a slower pace rather than a hard and fast pounding style pace like with doggie style.
  3. And it can also be effective for some guys to use sex positions that are a bit obscure and less robotic as the concentration involved to perform new and more involved positions can result in your mind thinking about other things rather than just repeating don’t cum yet, don’t cum yet, don’t cum yet on repeat inside your head.


With these key factors in mind I’ve included 3 relevant sex positions below to help you last longer during sex.






photo: thefertilechickonline.com



This is a great position in general as you can name me a girl who doesn’t like to spoon and I’ll name you a liar!! But regarding the spooning sex position and it’s ability to delay you cuming as fast, the spooning positions creates more of a grinding, rocking motion rather than the deep pounding motion that you’re trying to avoid.


For this targeted reason I suggest all blokes wanting to last longer should go to their “sex cutlery drawer” and take out a big spoon for you and a smaller spoon for your lady and experiment with this position.





photo: http://www.bodyrock.tv/



This position allows you to hand the keys to your lady and let her drive the car (you). The traditional girl on top position in which her back is very upright creates a deeper deep penetration which is not what you want if delaying ejaculation is the goal at hand.


There is a small and simple tweak though that will take the traditional girl on top position and make it a favourable option in attempting to delay how fast you cum.

Instead of the lady being very upright whilst on top of you, have her lean forward so her boobs are very close to your face. This will create more shallow strokes as she moves up and down your penis and can aid in delaying ejaculation.

In addition, when a girls on top she is using more of a rocking and grinding motion which stimulates her clitoris and G-spot which is great for her and also better for delaying your ejaculation as she’s not using the long, deep strokes that you normally action when in traditional alpha male positions like doggie style as one example.





photo: http://www.bustle.com



And the final position to help men last longer during sex is called the cross and it’s a position not used very widely but could be worth practicing if you do want to extend your sex sessions.

The cross works with the lady lying on her back and ideally raising her knees to her chest to raise up and expose her opening. The man then lays sideways beneath the lady with his head on one edge of the bed, his feet or shins at the other side and his penis positioned in front of her vagina.

If you took a photo from above the bed this would look a bit like an upside down letter T.

You then enter the lady and the restricted movement of this position will cause you to make more shallow thrusts that encourages more grinding and rocking actions rather than deeper pounding actions which will work favourably to delay your ejaculation.

So experiment with these 3 positions and hopefully this makes a difference to the length of your sex encounters. I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind all men, but especially those men encountering the issue of premature ejaculation that you really want to up your game when it comes to oral sex.

By really mastering the art and technique of cunnilingus, you will demonstrate your level of unselfishness and care for her enjoyment. This factor, plus the simple reason that you’ll be providing her with great pleasure if performed correctly will soften the blow of your premature ejaculation during penetrative sex.

To learn the skills and techniques of amazing oral sex you can view the previous post and video of mine titled how to perform oral she will love.


I hope this helped guys and if you enjoyed this post feel free to like, share and leave your comments below and keep tuning back into Improvemant.com for regular videos to improve yourself as a man.


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