Sex and Attraction

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Sex and Attraction

We all know the stats guys, as blokes we think about sex every few minutes, that’s hundreds of times a day, thousands of times a week and who knows how many times a year. Well if only thinking about sex made us better at it, or imagine if just thinking about sex made our girlfriend or wife want sex more often.

Well unfortunately this isn’t the case, but what you may not know is that only 25% of women are satisfied with the sex life they share with their partner. And what you probably don’t know is that most women want sex just as much as men do.

As blokes, in most cases are we can have sex no matter what the circumstances or how we are feeling about life or our partner at the time. Whilst this sounds crude, the truth is that for most guys, as long as we can get it up we can get it on.

For most blokes, sex can be performed when happy as Larry or used as a welcome distraction when things aren’t going our way. For guys sex is less emotional and primarily a physical act that feeds our primal desires.

When it comes to woman though, they require more of their ducks to be lined up in a row before they can enjoy sex and take part whole heartedly. If a woman is not connecting emotionally with her partner, or has external stressors and challenges in her life, then sex for a woman may be like a man trying to brush his teeth with his left hand when he is actually right handed or a man trying to apply himself to a job after he has just handed in his 4 weeks notice. It is going to feel forced and unnatural.

Like with all other topics, I have spent endless hours reading book after book on sex and what turns woman on. And by tuning into my daily videos you will learn that in most cases, things like how big your package is, how long you last during sex and how many different positions you perform are far less important than the many things that take place whilst you are still clothed and hours, days and even weeks before you enter the bedroom. Men need to realise that what turns a woman on is very different to how we as men get turned on for sex and my daily videos will help you understand this.

And once you have caught up to speed and are connecting with woman emotionally as well as physically, I also have loads of fun videos I will post on all of the fun tips, techniques and even toys to make things more exciting and fun in your sex life.

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