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Are you the boyfriend or husband who is all talk and no action?  Are you the dude selling your partner a dream that doesn’t exist? You’re always saying you’re going to paint the house, build that deck or pergola, take the kids to the museum, get that promotion, join the gym, leave the job that makes you miserable, start that business or take your wife to a musical but the years are passing by and none of this stuff is happening.


Not following through on your actions is sending woman a much more damaging message than you may realise. More than anything, a women is looking for a partner in crime, a man that she can depend on, feel safe with and who she knows will be there for her in times of need and stress.


So if your flaking on all of your promises, your partner may begin to doubt your commitment to her and your dependability within the relationship.


This can be especially true if you’re married. Whilst this may sound horrible, when a man and woman get married and declare their wedding vowels to one another, in many cases the women is taking those vows more seriously than the man.


I’m not suggesting the man doesn’t intend to care and love for his wife for the rest of their lives together, but unlike men, woman may be regularly performing mental checks in which they are using your wedding vowels and commitments you made to her as a marital yard stick which measures the progress and health status of your marriage and relationship together.


So if your the guy who is flaking on everything, your wife may start to question the vowels and commitments you made to her on your wedding day and question if you may also flake on those very important commitments, just like you have flaked on so many others.


So have a think about today’s message and consider if you would be better of being honest with yourself and not over committing to tasks that you know you are unlikely to follow through on. Not following through may be sending a far more damaging message to your partner than you realise and you you can serve your relationship better by setting more realistic expectations in your marriage or relationship and actually delivering on them.


 In doing so, you’re demonstrating your qualities as a dependable man capable of staying true to his word. This is incredibly important as women treasure honesty and despise mistrust above all else.
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