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In today’s health video I wanted to discuss how you can actually measure your level of health. I think the term being healthy has become very warped and distorted in today’s day and age.


There has been a huge shift towards the aesthetic appeal of muscular bodies and many people are now working out and exercising a great deal and on surface value, they may look very healthy.


However, there has also been a massive shift towards the use of a variety of recreational and performance enhancing drugs and one particular example that I feel can sum up this point quite well is the massive popularity of music festivals.


I often see pictures of guys on social media who have taken a picture of themselves at the gym or topless in front of a mirror at home and they may add a caption like “getting in shape for stereo” or field day, harbor life or any of the many other music festivals.


They may be training around the clock, eating well and exercising so they can look there best when walking around shirtless at these events. But then they are more than happy to go to a host of these musical festivals and fill themselves full of alcohol and recreational drugs and partake in these targeted binges on a regular basis.


Another growing trend that has really grown in popularity in the last 5-10 years is the common use of steroids. Obviously steroid use has been rife within sports and bodybuilding communities for many many years. But it seems to be used far more commonly today by just everyday guys who want to look good with their shirts off.


This use of steroids is another great example of somebody who would appear healthy on the surface, but due to the use of these substances, they may likely be putting their health at very serious risk.


And the final point I wanted to make is that in terms of serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancers, it is not uncommon for people who appear fit and healthy to be struck down by these issues, even if they have lived healthy lives in which they ate well, exercised regularly, limited alcohol intake and refrained from using drugs.


So today I wanted to discuss the actual medical tests that you can perform in order to gauge your level of health and these are all tests that should be conducted regularly by your family doctor or local GP.


I recently posted a video in which I explained that some men still think it is manly and tough to avoid having regular doctors check-ups. In this video, I gave my view point that I think it’s actually very weak and selfish to not have regular doctors check-ups as you are putting the welfare of your loved ones at risk.


If you missed that video you can watch it here –


The reason everyone should have regular doctors check ups is that prevention and early detection is always better than a cure, and the following medical tests and examinations have been designed to detect any possible problems. These tests are especially important for those people that have a history of illness or disease that runs in their families.


The main tests you want to schedule with your doctor regularly are as follows:




You will need to have your blood pressure taken regularly. If you are under 40 and have always generally had normal blood pressure readings then this test will be sufficient once a year.


However, if you have historically had bad blood pressure readings or have a negative family history in this area then you should have a blood pressure test every 6 months or so.




Being overweight is a leading contributing factor to a host of serious illnesses and diseases. If you are under the age of 40, you should have your doctor perform a body mass index or BMI test and measure your waist circumference every 2 years.


If your older than 40 then you want to to have both the BMI and waist measurement done once a year.




The next test is a blood test. Whilst blood tests are effective at monitoring a number of health factors. The most clear results are found through the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. High levels of either often indicates serious illnesses and diseases.


Blood tests are not required as frequently and not as important for younger men. If you are over 45 years of age and have no family history of serious illnesses then you want to have a blood test taken every 5 years.


However, if you are over 45 and have a family history then you will want to have a blood test taken every year.




There are also 2 health checks that you can perform yourself and should do so regularly starting from your teenage years.




The first is to regularly check your skin for lumps or moles that are irregular or appear aggressive in anyway.




The other self health check you can perform is to regularly feel your testicles for any lumps or hard spots that have not been there consistently. I previously posted a video on how you can perform this check which you can watch here –


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