Fellas,  I want you to think about how you use your toothbrush when you clean your teeth and gums. You take advantage of the entire surface area of the brush and use large, broad strokes that will clean as much surface area on your teeth at once.


This is predominantly done out of efficiency and effectiveness, but it may also be unpleasant if you just used the front area of e brush with the tip of longer bristles to more so jab or stab at your teeth and gums rather than use the larger, broader strokes of the entire toothbrush that we all know makes sense, and is more pleasant to do.


Unfortunately though, many guys don’t use the same logic when it comes to providing oral sex for their wife or girlfriend. So again, pretending the toothbrush is your tongue, you don’t want to be using the pointy tip of the front blue area in the image below>




That pointy blue tip on the toothbrush represents the tip of your tongue, and for whatever reason, many guys think the best way to perform oral sex is to tense the tip of their tongue and basically pretend it’s a tattoo gun and they are giving their partners vagina a fresh tattoo.


The reason I say tattoo gun is that the tip of a tattoo gun is comprised of a number of thin sharp needles that are stabbing the skin in a very straight and direct manner. Well I’m here to break it to you fellas, women don’t like their vagina’s being tattooed by your tongue!!


New Tat



If the toothbrush is your tongue, instead of using the blue tip, tensing it and using a repeated stabbing or darting action. What you need to be doing is using all of the white surface and using long, broad and elaborate strokes of your tongue all over her vagina and vulva. But you don’t want to go anywhere near her clitoris to begin with!!


You need to pay sufficient attention to the vulva lips, the vaginal opening and inside the vagina with both your tongue and fingers. And it you must be paying attention to her body language and her signs of arousal which are indicated by her arching her lower back, a noticeable change in the sounds she is making and heavier more rapid breathing. And only at this point of arousal do you engage in stimulating her clitoris with your tongue.


There are 2 main reasons why you need to use the flat, broad surface of your tongue as opposed to the sharp tip of your tongue. Just like brushing your teeth with a larger surface area cleans more teeth at once, using the flat of your tongue on your wife or girlfriend will pleasure a far larger area of her vulva lips and vagina at once.


The flat surface of your tongue is also softer and more moist as this area of the tongue carries more saliva. This means it will feel nicer against her vagina than the sharp, stabbing tip of your tongue which is also dryer.


The second reason is most important though as most men probably think a women is basically lying still when you’re going down on her. This is absolutely not the case at all as you’re not doing all the work yourself!! Your wife or girlfriend is also rotating and grinding her hips in order to position her vulva, vagina but mainly clitoris into positions that she likes and that will cause friction and pressure against your tongue.


So if you’re only using the tip of your tongue, this would be like taking a small child to a playground that had swings, a slippery slide, monkey bars, a see saw and a balance beam, but telling that small child they can only play in the sand pit, and nothing else.


Your tongue is like a playground for your wife during oral sex and she wants to use all of the equipment too, not just the sand box. And just remember that when it comes to oral sex, women want variety in the beginning but consistency at the end. I know you think your smart and tricky and cool when you switch the pace, rhythm or strokes of your tongue when she is close to orgasm, but this is the worst thing you can do.


Show her a variety of pace and rhythm to begin with, but once you have begun to focus on her clitoris and you notice her body has become more tense, her face looks like she may be in pain and she may be gripping clumps of bed sheets, your hands or the top of your hair, this is her telling you to maintain the exact position, rhythm and pressure you are currently applying (like a robot programmed to perform head) and don’t change until she cums.


I hope you found this advice helpful guys and may feel a bit more empowered regarding this very important sexual act. If you enjoyed this post feel free to like, share and leave your comments below and keep tuning back into for regular videos to improve yourself as a man.


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