Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and and watch the video above for some NO EXCUSES MOTIVATION.


Every single day we are faced with things we don’t want to do, and the first reaction to these unwanted tasks and challenges is to make excuses in our heads.


If our minds were as powerful at constructing solutions to problems as they are with creating excuses for performing necessary tasks,  we would all be far more effective and successful in life.


Excuses are a natural, human nature driven response to challenges. There is absolutely nothing wrong with excuses presenting themselves in your mind, but the problem is if you let the excuses stop you from taking action towards whatever it is that is sitting behind those excuses.


So instead of looking at the excuses your mind creates as a burden and hurdle to jump over, look at the excuses as the first stage in creating something positive in your life.


The reason the excuse should be viewed as the first stage is because nothing in life worth having is attained without a great deal of effort and often some level of struggle and adversity.


Because the brain knows it’s going to be very hard doing the exercise needed to lose weight, the study to pass an exam, the sales calls to build your business or the weekend courses to advance in your career, it responds by offering excuses.


But these excuses aren’t commands, their choices and invitations to either give in and take the easy road, or acknowledge the excuse as a sign of something worth having and worth fighting for.


For some real motivation around the topic of persisting through excuses, watch this amazing video>




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