Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and and watch the video above or read the article below to learn some some new things to try in bed with your wife, girlfriend or a girl you have taken home.


Today’s sex video and article is the first in an ongoing mini series of different things to try in bed that will breathe some life back into your sex life. Each video and article will offer one new suggestion so keep tuning back into to learn more things to try in bed.


We are kicking off this mini series with the suggestion of WATCHING YOUR LADY MASTURBATE.





At first though this suggestion may catch some guys off guard and may even threaten your pride and manhood. I mean if you’re an amazing lover, why does she need to masturbate during sex when I’m ready and willing to pleasure her myself?


Whilst I can completely understand a guy having these types of thoughts and feelings, I strongly urge you to hear me out and you may see why this can be a great addition to your sex life and improve your skills in bed.


For those men that thought only guys masturbate, I have some bad news for you fellas. Not only do many women also enjoy solo fun, but they have hundreds of weird, wonderful and whacky sex toys that can do a lot of things your old fella cant!!


Virtually all men masturbate and whilst I’m confident this is not the case with all women, there would be far more females than men probably realise who masturbate regularly.


This could be a simple case of your partner having a healthy or above average sex drive, but could unfortunately be due to the fact that you are not bringing her to orgasm when you have sex and she therefore needs to masturbate in order to experience regular orgasms.


If it’s option A then consider yourself incredibly lucky to be with a girl that has a high sex drive. And if it’s option B, I strongly suggestion you take the time to go through the many videos I have produced in the women and relationships and sex categories at my website


There are loads of videos that will not only teach you skills in the bedroom, but will also teach you how to be a better husband and boyfriend in a general sense which will increase how close and connected she feels to you which is a vital factor in her desire to have sex and how she feels during.











Reason number one is that you are showing your confidence and self assurance by asking or suggesting your partner masturbates whilst you watch her.


The reason some men may not realise many women masturbate is because your partner denies doing so through embarrassment or fear of hurting your feelings or denting your pride.


When you request that she masturbates for you, this is showing you have no problem with her doing so and may result in her feeling more comfortable to expressing herself sexually.




Reason number two is that you will learn a great deal watching her masturbate. Nobody knows how to pleasure a girl better than the girl herself. Any guy who disagrees with this is not only foolish but likely not good in bed.


Be humble enough to accept this fact and watch exactly how she’s using her fingers and the areas that she is touching. This will allow you to confirm that you stimulate her correctly, or learn how to stimulate her more effectively.




Reason number three is that if you are man enough to let her masturbate whilst you watch, you will likely be more turned on than you’ve ever been before. Men are very visual and love to take in the female form and there is no better way of doing so than watching her touch the areas that we find the sexiest.




Reason number four is that she will be incredibly turned on by the fact that you are so turned on. A mistake guys make in bed is overusing positions like doggie style and reverse cowgirl where she is on top facing away from you.


Whilst guys love these positions and many girls also do, these types of positions are void of any eye contact which is something women crave during sex to increase their emotional connection with you.


When you watch her masturbate, she can watch you reacting to her doing this very sexy act. This in itself will be very enjoyable for her and she will feel turned on knowing she has such a strong effect on you.




And reason number five is that watching her masturbate is a form of foreplay and the number one biggest mistake guys make in bed is not investing enough, or anytime in foreplay.


Women absolutely love foreplay!! In fact, the majority of women love foreplay far more than sex so any activity that will increase the sexual build up without involving you directly stimulating her breasts, clitoris, vulva and vagina will always be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by women.




And one final tip for watching her masturbate. If you really want to turn her on, let her play with herself for a while whilst you watch her and then you can start to masturbate yourself.


The fact that she knows you will both be experiencing pleasure at the same time will be very enjoyable for her and just another reason this is one of the nest new things to try in bed with your lady.


So take the lead next time you are with your wife, girlfriend or a new girl and ask or even command her to masturbate whilst you watch her and I’m sure this will be great for both of you.


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