Motivation and Inspiration

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Motivation and Inspiration

I read an awesome quote recently that went like this – ” motivation and inspiration  is like showering, the effects don’t last long so you need to do it everyday”

I mean how many times have you heard or read an inspiring story or watched a motivating you tube clip and decided that you were going to start that new diet, quit that job, tell the girl you like her or finally start that business – only for it to never happen.

Big change requires big action, and big action requires regular motivation and inspiration. In the free e book I wrote which you can download on my home page, I recognised the power of having well dressed male celebrities that you can model for style inspiration.

Well the same principal of modelling applies to any area of your life, and just like I have style mentors that I follow, I also have mentors that inspire and motivate me in business and life in general.

And when I say mentor, whilst it is awesome if you can actually engage a real life mentor with been there, done that experience in the field that interests you, the mentors I am talking about are mainly just successful people I admire in fields that I also want to succeed in . So I read all the books they publish, listen to interviews and webinars they post online and anything else I can get my hands on.

In addition to the inspiration I get from modelling specific people, the last thing I do every night before going to bed is watch a motivational you tube clip which gets me fired up for the following day and keeps me on purpose.

So whilst I have too many other topics to post a daily motivational video on the site, I will post a video each week that you can add to your motivation library to get you on track to take big action.

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