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There are lot’s of scary statistics in today’s society and few are more concerning than the current divorce rate. The divorce rate has now risen to more than 50% so when couples tie the knot, they can also flip a coin as to whether their happy day turns into happily ever after.


Whilst this sounds like I am being negative and pessimistic, the purpose of this video is actually to try and highlight the most common reasons for divorce so that any couples that come across this video may be prompted to make a stronger effort in these areas.


By doing so, hopefully they increase their chances of being on the positive side of this alarming divorce rate and won’t have to suffer the hardships that divorce causes for the individuals and family members involved.


So try and be honest with yourself as we take a look at a variety of the most common reasons for divorce and you can then make the effort to improve in these areas.








Whilst I’m not suggesting this problem is only caused by men, I would confidently suggest that a common complaint held by women in marriages and relationships is that their husband is not affectionate in small and caring ways such as offering hello and goodbye kisses, giving her hugs and cuddles, holding her hand, kissing her on the forehead and any other similar gestures.


Even more hurtful for women is when men only offer these gestures when they are hoping to initiate sex, but at no other times when sex is not able to happen.




It’s common to assume that marriages breakdown due to the stresses of having limited funds. Whilst this is definitely a contributing factor for many couples, a more common financial problem is when the 2 individuals don’t share the same spending habits and financial disciplines.


Serious problems will ensue when:

  • One partner is a saver and the other is a spender
  • One partner hates the thought of using a credit card and the other actively uses one or many
  • One partner wants to focus on paying off the mortgage and the other wants to spend any disposable income available
  • One partner prefers to purchase more affordable items and services whilst the other only wants the very best




It’s common for the sex lives of married couples to dwindle over time. This can be the case in both frequency and the level of adventure that is present.


Whilst a natural decline can be accepted and tolerated as a marriage progresses over time, a total lack of interest in sex can be a big enough problem to cause one or both partners to want to end the marriage, or stray outside of the marriage which can often produce the same result.




It is very clique but you hear divorcees commonly state that “we just grew apart”. In most cases this is representative of the couples priorities and interests shifting to be  more independent rather than shared.


The couple may have shared the same priorities and interests at the start of the marriage but have changed over time. Or the couple may not have actually taken the time and effort to properly discuss if they shared similar priorities and interests before tying the knot.




Many couples are guilty of marrying for the wrong reasons which is often a very strong physical and sexual attraction or because the man or woman is very wealthy.


Whilst physical attraction, a healthy sex life and money are strong foundations of a healthy marriage, there are many other contributing factors and a couple who is lacking in the remaining areas will be unlikely to last the distance.




A common road map that plays out for married couples that have children is that they are lovers when they are first dating and in the early stages of marriage. During this time the focus is on each other and their status as a couple and building their lives together.


When the couple start a family and have children, the focus and identity of their relationship will commonly shift from lovers to a very heavy focus on being parents.


Whilst this shift is absolutely necessary for the sake of the child or children, a strong effort to remain lovers as well as parents is still required so that your individual connection and spark as lovers is not totally overshadowed by your role as parents.


When this effort to remain connected as lovers is not made over the course of the child or childrens lives, the negative results often appear as the kids grow into adulthood and the parents are no longer playing active roles in their daily lives.


In these cases, the parents may discover that their children were the glue that held them together as parents, but they no longer know how to be lovers and friends and as a result become divorcees.




Whether it is due to upbringing, watching or reading too many fairy tale movies and books or pressure from family and friends, some people may have certain beliefs around the need to be married and needing to have done so before or at a certain age.


A marriage is a monumental commitment and doing so for anybody other than yourself and your own happiness is a sure fire way to increase your chances of divorce.


Many divorcees state that they got married too young or married due to personal or external pressures and beliefs they had which is yet another reminder of the importance to be as sure as possible before committing to marriage.


It would be interesting to know if those people would  suggest that being single for longer or even forever is better than marrying the wrong person and going through a divorce.




A marriage is potentially the hardest undertaking that 2 people will commit to in their entire lives. When it comes to areas such as parenting, careers and health and fitness, people seem to realise that in most cases direct efforts will increase the chances of better results.


However when it comes to marriages, many couples seem to think that the hard work can stop once the wedding has been planned and the cake has been cut. The reality is that a marriage has to be worked at and developed on a never ending basis if you are to stand a chance of lasting the distance.




Infidelity is an unfortunate reality in many marriages and one of the leading causes of divorce. Whilst many may assume it’s the man who is more likely to cheat, the statistics suggest a very even share when it comes to males and females straying outside the marriage.




It’s likely many couples enter into marriage with the idea that there will be far more periods of smooth sailing rather than bumpy roads. The reality is that most marriages will endure many difficult periods that accompany the good times.


Not being realistic about the likelihood of challenging times is certainly another of the most common reasons for divorce.




A lack of equality within a marriage can cause significant problems that may result in divorce. Whilst this area can be quite broad, some of the most common examples of marriage inequality may be:

  • An uneven share of housework
  • An uneven share of parenting duties
  • One partner not willing to work and contribute financially
  • One partner being unselfish with sexual acts


And whilst less common, some other contributing reasons for divorce include:

  • Addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling and pornography
  • Abuse such as domestic violence and emotional absuse
  • Stresses of living in a blended family
  • Disagreeing over parenting styles


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