Mistake that guys make in relationships

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So today’s video is super short, but sometimes the simplest things can make a big difference and I think today’s video is going to make a lot of women happy and save a lot of guys from feeling the wrath of their wife and girlfriend.

And the only reason I am able to offer this suggestion and advice is that I have been guilty of making this mistake myself in the past and I know first-hand how much women hate this, and they have every right to feel this way.

So what is this common mistake that guys make in relationships? Ok so I am going to do a little re-enactment to explain this. So it’s the late afternoon, you’re feeling a bit peckish, but it’s not time for dinner so you decide to go and make yourself a little snack to get you through till dinner.

There’s something about the early afternoon and craving something crunchy so you decide on some rice cakes, or corn thins or multi grain crisp bread and you are going to spread some peanut butter, honey, jam or anything else on these crunchy items of afternoon joy.

So you go to the pantry, get all the ingredients out and then you naturally head to the kitchen counter to prepare your snack. Because men are either really efficient or just really lazy, we often end up right at next to the cutlery drawer and we open up the draw and take out a knife to apply the spread that we have chosen for our crunchy snack.

Now because we are guys and can be either lazy, stupid or just ignorant to these matters, we leave the draw wide open once we have taken out the knife, and instead of moving away from where we are currently standing to apply the spread onto the snack we’ve chosen, we may just go right ahead and start applying the spread right there over the top of the open cutlery drawer.

And if you’re a particularly classy bloke, then you may even remain in that same position and eat your glorious peanut butter laden, crunchy snack right there over that open cutlery drawer. You probably finish up and do the stock standard male crumb swipe, chuck your knife and plate in the dishwasher……….. Ahhhh let’s be honest, you probably didn’t even use a plate. So you just throw your knife in the dishwasher and slam close the cutlery drawer as you go back off on your merry way.

Then a few hours later as your working in front of the computer or relaxing with a book or watching TV, you hear what sounds like a cat being trod on a kettle boiling at an intensely high pitch, but then you hear the sound again and this time you can hear your name in amongst the shriek. You immediately fear that your partner is in danger or she has just got word of a death in the family so you race downstairs to save the day only to be confronted by an irate partner standing over the cutlery draw and asking if you are responsible for filling the drawers with what look very similar to rice cake, corn thin or multi-grain crisp bread crumbs.

Ok so if this scenario seems familiar to you then hopefully you can see why this would infuriate your partner. Your wife or girlfriend wants to be just that to you, a wife or girlfriend, not a mother who has to follow you around the house and clean up after you, and in this case, she or more likely you will now have to empty all those items of cutlery and get out the vacuum cleaner and suck up every last crumb that you spilt in the drawers.

If you’re smart then you will only make this mistake once and then never again so hopefully this video reaches you before you make this mistake and end up in the dog house.

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I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow for my next daily video and until then guys keep learning and improving.

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