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I’ve been an NRL tragic my whole life and played from the sport the age of 5. So as a fan of the game I love my jersey and proudly wear it to the game or a mates BBQ if we are getting together to watch the footy, however the purpose of today’s video is to highlight that if you do want to be known as a fashion forward and stylish, there are many inappropriate times to wear sports jerseys that will ruin your image reputation.


If your the type of person who doesn’t place too much importance on how you present, it’s fine to wear sports jerseys to a variety of events, but if you’ve found yourself on this website then chances are you have some degree of care factor about how you present so today I thought we would look at the inappropriate times to wear sports jerseys.







So let’s first take a look at the acceptable occasions to wear a sports jersey:

  • Obviously the best ocasion to wear a jersey is when you go to a game live in person to support your team.
  • Another acceptable occasion is at a BBQ that has been arranged specifically for the purpose of watching the game.
  • Kind of in line with the BBQ is watching the footy with your mates at the pub and if you have a girlfriend or wife and your off the market or your single and your local pub is a bit of a sausage feat and your not likely to see many woman at the pub then you could probably get away with wearing your sports jersey.


But if your single and the pub has an equal amount of men and woman then I would definitely not wear the sports jersey as the majority of woman don’t see this is a stylish choice of clothing and you may find yourself unfairly labelled or pigeon holed by woman.


The other consideration is the fact that when you get together with your mates to watch the game at the pub, what often starts out as innocent night can quickly turn into a late night at nicer establishments and bouncers are not likely to let you in wearing a jersey – and if you do manage to get in then don’t bother hitting on a girl in a nice bar or club wearing your favorite sports jersey cause that is unlikely to be fruitful.






Ok so now let’s take a look at the inappropriate times to wear a sports jersey:

  • Dress down days at work. Days such as dress down Fridays and donate a coin charity days should be viewed as great opportunities to showcase your ability to coordinate great smart casual outfits as opposed to wearing the most casual and comfortable clothes possible like sports jerseys
  • When in the company of in laws
  • In the company of your partner or wifes friends as she wants your image to be a positive reflection and extension of herself.
  • Work functions of any type
  • Engagement or birthday parties
  • Going to a nice sit down restaurant
  • And I am hoping this one does not come as a surprise to anybody but definitely don’t wear any type of sports jersey on a blind date or early stage date with a new love interest.


I know sports brings out our passionate side but do keep in mind that my purpose in creating this site is to help blokes make the best first and on going impressions.


Whilst I’m as passionate as they come with sports, I’m even more passionate about helping men create an image that results in strong first and ongoing impressions and this is not possible when you have a bunch of sports jerseys you are rotating for a range of different work and social events.


So leave the sports jerseys for sport specific events only and be sure to make that extra effort to dress with pride and style for all other occasions in which your image reputation is on the line and the aim is to not be committing any men’s style mistakes.


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