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Today I’m talking about novelty t shirts which are generally in the form of an interest or passion of yours such as sci-fi, comic book characters, sports or humour based novelty tees like these examples:











Now let me start by saying I understand why you’re wearing the passion and interest based novelty tees as you see them as an expression of your passions and as a way to display your individuality.

I totally get and support that but you’ve come to my blog for men’s style advice among other topics so I’m going to approach this topic from the style and first impressions angle because whilst these novelty tees may be doing a good job of displaying your interests and personality, they’re doing a very poor job for your style and first impressions and this is for 2 main reasons.


  1. Reason number one is that novelty tees are almost always very busy with a variety of images splashed across them. This is a problem because the more complicated an item of clothing is the less versatile and more difficult it becomes in terms of matching with other patterns and colours. Men’s style is best kept simple but sharp and  novelty tees are the opposite of simple.
  2. The second reason is that an adult wearing a novelty tee shirt with more adolescent characters or images is going to give the first impression that they’re not taking their career and even life too seriously and may even appear as lazy.


And then regarding humour based novelty tees, in my opinion these are worse than your passion and hobby based tees because at least they are aligned to your personality where as the humour tees are almost telling people that you lack your own sense of humour and need to buy and display humour from a third party.

As I’ve said countless times in my videos and articles at, style is subjective and I’m not hear to rain on your parade and put you down. I’m just passionate about helping men increase their confidence and the first and on going impressions they make.

And as a professional image consultant I have 2 options I’d advise regarding novelty tees.


  1. Option number one is to remove all novelty tees from your wardrobe and just focus on basic and lightly patterned tees that are versatile and can be used as staples to create layered outfits underneath buttoned down casual shirts as well as jackets, coats and blazers. And obviously worn on their own with jeans, chinos and shorts for the clean, classic look.
  2. Or option number two is to keep your novelty tees but under no circumstances would you ever consider wearing them in the following environments which includes:




• At work on casual/dress down days

• When you go out in social settings such as a pub or bar or even just the movies

• When you are entertaining at your house with a BBQ, daytime party or hosting a dinner party as your wife or girlfriend will be terribly embarrassed

• When you go to your kids weekend sports matches cause your wife will be embarrassed and comparing your novelty tee to the nice polos and t shirts the other dad’s are wearing which may also embarrass your kids

• And guys I’m begging you for your own good to never wear a novelty tee shirt on a first, second or tenth date with a new love interest.


And then the occasions when it may be OK to wear your novelty tees could be in the following examples such as:




• Walking your dog

• Taking your dog to the dog park

• Going to the gym

• Picking up some bread or milk from the local store

So keep this suggestion in mind guys and just be aware that we live in a very judgmental society in which all people will likely be judging, dissecting analysing your clothing when forming opinions of you. And whilst they will likely be doing this on a conscious level, they’ll 100% be doing so on an unconscious level.


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