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Welcome back guys and today I keep the men’s style mistake videos rolling with a new edition and if you missed any of the previous men’s style mistake videos I’ve listed and linked to them all in the description field below for you.


Today’s men’s style mistake to avoid is wearing a belt for the purpose of keeping your pants from falling down. So here’s the simple fact around this mistake. A men’s belt is nothing more than s fashion accessory. Granted it’s a great accessory but it is an accessory all the same and should serve no practical purpose in your wardrobe.


If you need to wear a belt to hold your pants up, there’s 2 possible reasons this is the case.




Reason number one is that you’ve lost weight on your belly and you need to replace your old pants that are too big with pants that fit correctly and stay held up on your waist without a belt.




Reason number 2 is that your buying the wrong sized pants for your waist measurements and need to go down a size.




The main reason this is a mistake is for the negative visual aesthetic wearing pants that are too big causes for your image. Wearing pants that are too big for your waist and holding them up with a belt will cause the fabric around your crotch to bunch up and look untidy which will cause people’s eyes to be distracted by that area and focus on a negative section of your outfit.
In addition, as I’ve said time and time again, when it comes to men’s style and your image management and reputation – FIT IS KING.
In fact fit is the King, Queen, Jack and Aces and if your pants are so big you need a belt to hold them up then they are highly likely to also be too big in the crotch, thigh and through the lower legs meaning your outfit and the first impressions you create will be impacted negatively.
And I’d like to finish by explaining and pointing out one point which is that their is a growing trend at present to not wear a belt when wearing a suit or suit pants and a dress shirt with or without a tie.
I’ll take this opportunity to remind you how much I loathe the word trends and how my entire philosophy when working with my Image Doctor clients is to keep their style classic, clean and simple but nail the fit of their outfits.
But given my work and the fact I spend all day shopping in different men’s clothing stores, I’ve noticed over time that the sales attendants in these stores are always the ones pushing seasonal trends that never last and at the moment they are not wearing belts which in my professional opinion just looks odd and could prompt people’s minds to question if something is missing or not quite right with your outfit.
And the very last outcome you want when coordinating your outfits is for any people you encounter to doubt if there’s an element missing or something you haven’t got quite right!!
And just finally, if you were to ask these sales attendants something like “how come you’re not wearing a belt?, I’m confident some, most or all would say something like “well this is how guys are doing it in Europe”
Well in case you didn’t realise sales attendants, we’re not in Europe!! And having worked so closely with my Image Doctor clients what I know is that most Aussie men just want to be Aussie men, but take their style to the next level without shooting straight to the top of the building.


So in my humble opinion fellas, keep wearing your belts, match your belt colour with your dress shoe colour but make sure you’re wearing that belt with pants that fit you correctly!!


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