Men’s style and grooming

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Men’s Style and Grooming

Did you impress at your first interview for that dream job? Did u get a promotion at your performance review? Did you get the girls number? Did the in laws like you when you finally met?

Did you know that you have less than 10 seconds to make a good first impression on another person – or group of people? 10 seconds, that’s it, and what’s even scarier is that the people forming their opinion of you are predominantly doing so on a subconscious level. So as humans, no matter how non judgemental you think you may be, it is ingrained within us all to scan, judge and evaluate people and form opinions super fast.

Given that these opinions are formed in under 10 seconds – it is obvious that this evaluation is virtually made on a physical level alone. So whether u think its fair or not, the way you present from head to toe counts to how successful, confident and happy you will be in life. In short guys, Men’s style and grooming matters.

But I’m not talking about men’s style and grooming like the pretentious snobs and yuppies that write articles in magazines like GQ, Esquire and men’s style magazine, I’m not talking about expensive designer labels, wearing a 3 piece suit to an event where jeans and a nice dress jacket is more appropriate – or having some trendy, over the top haircut just cause your favorite sports star or musician thinks its cool, and I’m definitely not talking about blokes getting manicures, pedicures or fake tans.

What i am talking about though, is everyday guys being man enough to realize that taking pride in your appearance and committing the time needed to educate yourself in this area will result in you prospering in your career, finances, social life and general happiness.

Now obviously you can have bad men’s style and grooming  and still be successful, I mean look at Steve jobs, he had only one outfit which he wore every single day – and that one particular outfit of tennis shoes, blue jeans and a hideous black turtle neck sweater was terrible. But unless your sitting on the next game changer idea like the iPod, iPhone or IPad, then the way you present and project yourself will impact your success both professionally and socially.

For most men, getting a handle on their style and grooming is a real headache – so just think of me as style paracetamol, I have always enjoyed fashion and men’s style and grooming  and I have compounded that interest with endless hour of research and education.

So if you think your a man, but are still presenting like a boy – then tune in each day as i will be posting videos on every aspect of men’s style and grooming to have you looking great and feeling more confident.

Also, On the home page of my website, you will also find a free e book i have written which includes an extensive list of celebrities that you can use as style mentors as well as the celebrities who should be avoided. I have also outlined the best social media strategy that you can use to follow these celebrities for inspiration to improve your own style.

So just head to my home page and in the side panel you can download this useful free e-book

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