Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and and watch the video above or read the article below to learn why having long how showers is a MEN’S GROOMING MISTAKE. 


Today’s common men’s grooming mistake is having hot showers that last longer than 10 minutes because if your skin is Batman then heat is like the Joker, Penguin and Riddler all in one. This is heat in all forms such as heat from the sun, heat from a sauna or the heat in steam that’s produced by having excessively long showers.


So why is heat your skins enemy? This is very simple and comes down to 2 main factors which is;


  1. DEHYDRATION of your skins moisture levels
  2. The DEPLETION of the naturally occurring and essential oils that are found on both the skins surface but especially within the skins pores.


What happens to the moisture levels of a plant that is left to sit in the sun for an extended period of time?





As you can see above, the plant’s moisture is drawn out and results in a damaged, unhealthy and unattractive looking plant?


Well next time your having a particularly long hot shower just understand that your skins just like a plant and the hot waters and steam in the shower is like the sun. And the longer you stay in that shower the more dry, damaged and unhealthy your skin is going to appear over time as you develop premature lines and wrinkles that make you appear far older than you actually are.


As mentioned, our skin houses naturally occurring oils that sit on the surface of the skin and inside all of the skins hundreds of thousands of tiny pores.


These oils are produced naturally to keep the skin moist and healthy. When the skin is exposed to excessive heat and especially the hot steam present during a long hot shower, these oils will be drawn out of the skins pores and result in skin that is dehydrated, far less moist and  not as attractive looking.






So next time you are having a long hot shower, I want you to think of the essential oils on your skin and skins pores as hundreds of thousands of tiny little magnets and the hot water and steam as large pieces of metal that draw out and attract those thousands of tiny magnets and negatively impact the health of your skin.



Just remember guys that your skin is the largest living organ in the body and just like we need to take measures to care for the health and functioning of other organs like our heart and kidneys, so too we need to take measures to care for the health of our skin which will increase your level of attraction as a result.







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