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Welcome back guys, so when it comes to losing or managing your weight and sticking to a diet, most people always have great hopes, wishes and the very best of intentions.

But when push comes to shove, what is often the difference between staying on that diet or maintaining your goal weight, is your ability to stick to your diet and resist the temptation of indulging in food or activities that you know will sabotage your efforts.

Whilst they say that abs are made in the kitchen. A truly healthy lifestyle requires regular exercise and also avoiding activities that can get in the way of exercise such as watching TV, playing computer games or using your phone to look at facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest when you should be pounding the pavement.

I recently came across a really clever product that could assist you in both these areas. Whilst I believe that it is integrally important to develop a mindset in which you have total control over resisting temptations that hinder your health and physique. The staggering rates of obesity and other health retaliated diseases from poor food choices and lack of exercise speaks for itself and it is clear that many people are giving into these temptations.

So the product that I came across is called the kitchen safe. I have included a link above which will direct you to the home page of this products website.

Essentiall the kitchen safe is a container that looks similar to a large Tupperware box and it can house a range of items such as junk food, mobile phones, computer game controllers, TV remotes, cigarettes, cans of soft drink, alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other stimulants like coffee and energy drinks, and really anything else that is a road block or hurdle in your quest for health and fitness.

You place any of these items inside this kitchen safe and then on top of the lid there is a knob which you can turn to set a timer which will lock the lid until the timer runs out and it will unlock.

As an example, you could put a packet of cigarettes in the kitchen safe and then place the lid on, set the timer for say 8 hours and no matter how much you are craving that cigarette, you either need to get in your car and drive to the store and buy a new packet of cigarettes, or you have to throw the kitchen safe against a brick wall and break the item that you spent your own hard earned money on.

There is a certain level of psychological benefit to the kitchen safe. You have taken the deliberate step to lock whatever the temptation is into the container, so you may be more likely to avoid indulging which can create positive habits and choices that will flow into your health and fitness results.

So this was just a quick overview, as I said I have included the link in the description field above for you, so if you think this could help you then go ahead and take a look at the product in more detail.

I hope this suggestion was helpful for you today as health and fitness is an ongoing struggle for many people and any legitimate advice or products that may assist the process can always be worth considering.

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