Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and and watch the video above or read the article below where we discuss IS MILK BAD FOR YOU?


So is milk bad for you or is milk good for you?


This is such a hotly debated subject, and like many things in the world of health, nutrition, diet and fitness, this topic has industry experts divided in their opinions.


If the industry experts can’t agree if milk is good or bad for you, where does that leave little old you and me who just want to make informed dietary choices for the benefit of our health.


I was recently seeking information around this topic myself and turned to trusty old Google for some answers. After reading so many conflicting articles and winding up with a headache, I stumbled upon a 1 hour documentary on my netflix account called Milk?



I actually found this documentary helpful because it was totally unbiased and provided both sides of the coin on whether milk is good for you or if milk is bad for you.


What I found particularly interesting was the political and financial aspects of why governments and media have advocated the benefits of milk for so many years.


The milk and dairy industries generate huge profits for governments, and this could be seen as a leading cause for the positive promotion of milk despite many negative theories around its consumption and possible negative health effects.


As I’m not an expert in this field, today’s video is really a suggestion to watch the documentary called milk?


I’ve included links to the trailer and online resources below this article where you can purchase or watch the documentary and use the information to decide for yourself.


I will now briefly outline some of the key arguments for both sides of the debate over whether or not milk is good or bad for you.



The experts who believe milk is good for you state the following points:

  • We need to drink milk for strong bones
  • There is no other food sources that have the quality level of calcium that is found in milk
  • Milk is the most complete nutritional source which contains protein, fats, carbohydrates and calcium.
  • Milk has been consumed for centuries so it must be good.
  • Milk contains a variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • Milk is good for teeth and oral hygiene.




And some of the experts who believe milk is bad for you state the following points:

  • Our bodies can’t process the calcium in milk once it’s been pasteurized. And just so that makes sense, basically all store purchased milk is pasteurized.
  • The countries with the lowest intake of dairy food, also have the lowest counts of bone fractures.
  • There are various sources other than milk that provide calcium.
  • Caesin which is the particular protein found in milk has been linked to cancer.
  • Just like a baby calf stops drinking it’s mothers milk once it’s weaned. Humans also have no need to drink milk beyond infancy.
  • Today’s version of milk is a form of processed food with sweeteners and additives.


So I suggest you watch the documentary to gain an understanding of both sides of the argument and use the information to form your own opinion.


Regardless of the research you conduct on this topic, unfortunately the only facts that you will find are that there is no definitive answer to the debated question of is milk bad for you?


So good luck on your quest to find your own answers and I hope the documentary may help you like it helped me.





So you can click here to purchase the documentary> MILK? DOCUMENTARY or you can find it in netflix if you have a netflix account. I have also included the trailer below for you to watch.




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