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Most men harbor the desire to have anal sex with women as it’s kinky and guys generally want to push the sexual boundaries as far as they can. This is all good and well except that many women don’t share the same enthusiasm or are totally against anal sex altogether.


Whilst there could be many reasons for this, I believe one of the leading reasons would be that many women’s first attempt at anal sex was a terrible experience because the man was disrespectful and not caring in his approach and was rushed and rough with the whole process which caused the women considerable pain.


And some women may simply be turned off by the area and the fact it can be unsanitary. The reality is that if you are trying to introduce anal sex with a women who has encountered a negative past experience or who is repulsed at the idea, your chances of success are very slim and you are best to just accept that anal sex won’t be a fixture within your sex life.


The video above and this associated article is more so aimed at the men wanting to introduce anal sex with a wife or girlfriend who has never tried anal sex before. Following the advice in this video won’t guarantee she will enjoy anal sex, but it will greatly increase the chances of her first experience of anal sex being a positive one that she may like to try again.




The most important factor is to first have a discussion about your intentions. The big mistake most guys make is trying to initiate anal in the spur of the moment during sex which is a terrible idea. Anal sex is a big step for a woman to take and she needs some time to process the idea before she can decide to take this step or not.


So choose a time when you are alone and uninterrupted and make sure she is in a good mood and happy with you at the time.  The idea is to not ambush her, but rather you want to tell her that there is something you would like to discuss with her.


This will gain her attention whilst indicating that the matter is of some degree of importance to you. Once you have her attention, start by reassuring her how wonderful your sex life is and how you feel blessed to be with someone you are both mentally and physically attracted to. Then just semi casually ask her what her thoughts on anal sex are?


She may respond negatively and explain that she has tried anal and would never do so again. If this is the case then it’s game over and you must respect her feelings and choices.


She may also be somewhat defensive and accuse you of being unhappy with your sex life or she may even ask if you are bi sexual or like men. In this case, you just want to again reassure her that you are very happy with your sex life but are just interested to explore and try something new.


And of course she may also explain that she too is interested and was also curious about anal sex but was not sure how to bring it up with you. If her response is positive and as a couple you have decided to attempt anal sex when you next sleep together, I strongly suggest you follow these steps.




You want to crawl before you walk. Instead of moving straight into anal sex with your penis, I suggest you take a gradual approach over 3 sex sessions where you introduce different stimuli each session which leads up to conventional anal sex using your penis.




The first session could involve you giving her a full body massage with her lying face down and then you perform analingus. Analings (which is also know as rimming or a rim job) is when you use your tongue to lick around the rim of her anus. This area has even more nerve endings than the clitoris and can be very pleasurable for women. The analingus or rim job would then be followed by conventional oral and vaginal sex.




Then in the second session you may introduce the use of anal sex toys such as a very small and narrow anal dildo or vibrator which will be a more delicate introduction to actually entering this area. Like the first session, the secomd session should then end with conventional oral and vaginal sex.




And then on the third session you could combine massage, oral sex, analingus, anal sex toys and then you could introduce conventional anal sex with your penis. The reason I’m particularly suggesting the massage, oral sex and analingus is because you want her to be as relaxed and turned on as possible.


The anus is a muscle and if you rush her or don’t invest ample time in foreplay her body, including her anus will be very tense and tight which will likely cause pain when you attempt to enter her.


It’s highly possible that this gradual approach and your investment of ample foreplay will still result in her not enjoying the anal sex experience. But taking this gradual approach will greatly increase her chances of enjoying anal and wanting it to become a more common activity within your sex lives.







Some other very important considerations regarding anal sex are to ensure that you wear a condom every single time. Obviously you are entering an area full of bacteria and germs and doing so unprotected could literally ruin your life if you were to contract serious disease.




If you want to enter her vagina after entering her anus it’s critically important you change condoms as you will be transferring the germs and bacteria into her vagina if you don’t and this could cause disastrous health problems for the lady.




It is a 110% non negotiable that you use lubrication as the anus is not self lubricating like the vagina is. You want to use a water based lubricant as oil based lubricants can increase the chance of condom breakage and as we just discussed, exposing your flesh in this area can be disastrous.




Above all guys, if you want to stand any chance of anal sex becoming a regular or even just an occasional part of your sex life you MUST, MUST, MUST enter her gently. Think of being as gentle as you possibly can and the be 10 times as gentle as that.




And the final consideration which is embarrassing but essential to discuss is that in order to avoid potential embarrassment and a situation in which she will never ever try anal again, you want to inform her that she should empty her bowels before your sex session and thoroughly clean her anal area.


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