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There have been some amazing inventions over the course of the last few centuries,  things like the wheel, penicillin, automobiles,  the contraception pill, sliced bread and toasters!!


When it comes to inventions that make life better and are a positive addition to society, the new kid on the block is Tinder, and this brilliant dating app is helping out of luck love seekers, 20 plus virgins and horny men and women all over the world.


The wheel, penicillin, sliced bread and other inventions only offered great benefits once created. However, being a technology based  invention, the very same thing that has made the amazing Tinder possible, has also created a problem that is annoying at best and damaging at worst!!


So picture this, you come across the profile of Brittney. Brittney is a 26 year old blonde bombshell who’s a mere 12 km’s away. Your index finger swipes right before your brain even asks it to and low and behold, you match with this amazing 26 year old blonde bombshell who is currently just 12 km’s in a northern, easterly, southern or westerly direction from you!!


Your hearts racing, you’re minds starting to think of first date ideas, the first time you kiss this amazing girl and the name of the first child you have with your soon to be wife Brittney and then POW!! You find out that Brittney is in fact a fake tinder profile and your jubilation turns to devastation as you realise that Brittney is the fake girl that got away.


So lets discuss 12 SIGNS OF A FAKE TINDER PROFILE so you don’t have to experience this Tinder trauma yourselves. I am going to break these signs into 2 categories which is signs before you’ve matched and signs after you’ve matched. So let’s start with 9 signs of a fake Tinder profile you can spot before you’ve matched.






Let’s start with 9 signs of a fake Tinder profile you can spot before you’ve matched. These signs have far more variables, are much harder to spot than the post matching signs and don’t definitely mean the user is fake but will more than likely be signs of a fake tinder profile.




The first sign is an account in which the photos of the lady are semi-nude or even fully nude. This is a sure fire sign of a fake profile so save yourself the trouble and swipe left.




The second sign is an account that has very professional looking glamour style photos. Whilst it is possible a real account holder could choose these photos, it’s more likely that the person took these glamour shots from the internet when setting up their fake Facebook account as Facebook is required to set up a Tinder profile.


So if you see these glamour shots then you should begin sounding your Tinder catfish alarm.




The third sign is a profile in which all the photos are grainy and blurry. Blurry, grainy photos for a fake Tinder user is like long hair and a big sledge hammer for Thor. When you notice these suspect photos, swipe that finger in a Westerly direction!!




The fourth sign is a profile that only has 1 or 2 photos. Whilst this does not automatically make the account holder a fake, you should have your suspicions and be on guard for Tinder spam.




The fifth sign is a profile in which the Bio is empty. Once again, it is possible that the account holder is real and just chose not to fill out their Bio, but you will find that the majority of genuine Tinder users fill out their profiles and many fake users don’t.




The sixth sign is a profile in which you have  no shared Facebook friends or shared common interests. It is definitely possible to match with an authentic account which doesn’t share either of these, however this will be a common sign of fake Tinder users.




The seventh sign is a profile that does not have their Instagram images attached below their profile. Just about everybody now has Instagram and accounts that haven’t linked their Instagram account with their Tinder account may in fact turn out to be fake.


#8 – KIK


And the eighth and final pre match sign of a fake Tinder profile is an account that lists their KIK app name in their Bio and suggests you contact them on KIK instead of through Tinder.


KIK is a free instant messenger app similar to WhatsApp and other similar messaging platforms. Whilst KIK is a legitimate app, for some reason many fake Tinder users will try and direct you to KIK and is a sure fire sign to swipe right.








Let’s now take a look at the 6 post match signs that are far more obvious to spot, and must be taken seriously as you may find yourself in some boiling hot Tinder water if you fall victim to a Tinder scammer.




Post match sign number one is when you immediately receive a reply from your match. This is called a spam bot and means the user has set up their profile to automatically reply with the same message to all matches.


The message will end with a link to a website where you can purchase sex workers such as escorts or call girls . This obviously means the account is fake so be sure not to enter any credit card details or personal information.




Post match sign  number two is when you match with a lady and she then sends you a message asking you to watch her on a cam-show. Cam-show is short for a camera show and this will require you to click a link that she has provided for you and then pay for the cam-show using your credit card. So be sure to not do this as it’s another Tinder scam.




Post match sign number three is when your match is sending you generic messages that don’t make sense to the context of your conversation. This is another sure fire sign of a spam bot in action as generic messages can be set up and sent at timed intervals chosen by the fake Tinder user.




Post match sign number four is when the conversation with your match is quite normal to begin with, but she almost immediately tries to move the conversation off the Tinder platform and onto a different platform like e-mail, Skype or a chat room. Take this as a bad sign and cease talking to your match.


So there we have it, hopefully this video and article has safe guarded you against the Tinder scammers out there who are trying to spoil the otherwise brilliant Tinder experience . Take these signs seriously to ensure you don’t become a victim of an online scam that could leave you embarrassed and short of money.


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