How to sort laundry


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Welcome back guys, in today’s Domestic God video we are taking a look at how to sort laundry into categories to then wash. This is important for 2 main reasons:

Reasons #1 is that if you have a wife or live with your girlfriend, doing the laundry the correct way could be the difference between happy ever after or bitter and twisted. In the same way you like to have a set procedure to clean your car, cut your lawn or BBQ your meat, most women like the laundry to be done in a particular way.

And reason #2 is that washing particular items together can ruin your clothes which will cost you money and be very frustrating if it was an item you loved. The main factors to consider when sorting your laundry are as follows:

  • Check the clothing tag for washing instructions which is very common on most clothing nowadays.
  • Separate clothes by color
  • Separate clothes by weight
  • Wash the clothes on the correct temperature setting.

Once you have separated the items into colours, the next step is to sort by weight. The reason this must be done is that washing items such as a pair of heavy black jeans with a thin, fragile T-shirt may ruin the shape and quality of the T-shirt.

The main weight categories are:

  • Jeans and other denim items which are typically heavy
  • Bath and beach towels and bathroom and shower mats which are quite heavy duty
  • Knitted sweaters and jumpers
  • Lightweight items such as T-shirts, active wear like shorts and singlets, cotton underwear, cotton socks and any other light items.
  • Business attire such as dress shirts and work pants which are more sturdy than the lightweights
  • Delicates and shiny items such as bikinis, women’s silk underwear and shiny or silky fitness clothing.

Another point to make is that when you are in the first stage of sorting the clothes, you should put aside any items that are heavily stained and apply those items with stain remover first before continuing the other steps.

It is also generally acceptable to combine and wash your dark’s and brights together in order to save time, energy and money. It also makes sense to clean the loads that contain the dirtiest items last such as sporting clothes and underwear. If you washed these items first, there would then be bacteria and germs in the washing machine for all the proceeding loads.

If you leave the dirtier items for the last loads, you can add a disinfectant along with your detergent such as bleach, ammonia or white vinegar to kill the bacteria. Whilst this is very much overlooked, just as you should regularly clean your shower, kitchen sink and BBQ, so too should you clean your washing machine by running a cycle with no clothes and adding one of the disinfectants that I just mentioned into the tub or front loader.

So that’s the run down on how to sort laundry, I hope this has given you a better understanding of how this domestic area works and by implementing the correct procedure, hopefully you will score some browny points with your wife or girlfriend.

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I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow for my next daily video and until then guys, keep learning and improving.

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