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Please let me start by saying that today’s video is NOT  referring to the most common form of hair loss which is male pattern baldness.


Male pattern baldness is is the most common form of hair loss and is a genetic condition which causes the top of the head to become bald whilst the hair on the sides and back remain.


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Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition that will cause two out of three men to lose some or all of the hair on top of there heads by the age of 60.


If you have the male pattern baldness gene, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent the eventual hair loss. But today’s video is referring to ways that you can prevent or prolong the onset of hair loss that occurs through factors that are NOT related to male pattern baldness.


Please let me also say that the following are not factual statements as the area of hair loss is quite controversial with many differing opinions.


The following is a list of reported factors that have been said to contribute to non male patterned baldness so have a think about whether you are able to implement these changes in your lifestyle to minimize the chances of hair loss.




Diet is reported to play a role in hair loss with suggestions that excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption can be contributing factors.




Hairstyles that cause the hair to be pulled very tight has been suggested to cause hair loss near the front of the scalp. This includes hair styles such as corn rows and pony tails that are pulled back and tied tightly.




Just like a plant needs water to grow and be as healthy as possible. Our hair follicles require healthy blood flow to keep them healthy and growing strong. If you smoke cigarettes, this will decrease effective blood flow to the hair follicles and potentially cause the hair follicles to stop generating.




In a similar way to how smoking affects blood flow and negatively impacts hair growth, having a diet low in iron can also effect the bodies production of red blood cells which can also affect hair growth and health because it’s the healthy blood cells that carry the oxygen which is delivered throughout the body including our hair follicles.




It’s been suggested that sun exposure to the scalp can lead to premature hair loss. So wearing a hat when outside may protect your hair from premature hair loss.




Some experts have said that a diet low in protein can be another cause of premature hair loss as the body may shut down hair growth in order to ration protein.




A commonly suggested contributor to non male pattern baldness is stress. This is mainly physical stress such as that caused by a physical trauma like a car accident, heart attack, stroke or serious surgeries. As well as physical stress, prolonged and excessive emotional stress has also been suggested to impact the health and growth of hair.




A particular condition called Hypothyroidism has been linked to hair loss. The thyroid is a gland that is found at the front of the neck and produces hormones that regulates our metabolism and also  generates growth and development within our bodies. Hypothyroidism is a condition that causes the thryroid gland to be underactive which can have a negative impact on the growth of our hair.




And the final suggested cause of premature hair loss is the use of anabolic steroids which is commonly used by those trying to build muscle in an un natural way.


So have a think about these possible health and lifestyle hair loss factors, and if you associated yourself as having any of these factors present in your life, you could then do your own independent research to form an opinion on whether these factors could cause you to suffer from non male pattern baldness.


I hope this information was helpful today guys and you may have learnt a few things you were not aware of.


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