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A long time ago after high school I became a nurse which I did for 18 months before starting my first business at 22. As a nurse you learn very quickly that life goes full circle in that we start out as babies in nappies dependent on others to feed, bath and take us to the toilet (and clean us afterwards)


We then go full circle an end our lives the exact same way except we are now elderly men and women as opposed to little babies and small children. One harsh reality of the circle of life is the inability to control our bladder AKA incontinence AKA wetting our pants.


Whilst this is a natural and inevitable stage of the ageing process, there are 2 things you can do in your your early life as young and mature age adults to delay the onset of incontinence as an elderly man or woman.


There is a muscle in the bladder called the detrusor which controls the process of holding in and releasing our urine.


Just like you exercise your legs, chest and biceps at the gym to increase there strength and functioning, exercising the detrusor muscle will increase the muscles strength. increase the control you have over your bladder and potentially delay the onset of incontinence.







The first way you can exercise the detrusor muscle is to simply delay urinating when you first feel the urge to do so. Peeing as soon as you need to is like bench pressing or squatting with no weights on the barbell.


Just like you add weights to the barbell to increase the resistance on the muscles being worked, holding in your urine for a period of time until it is just too uncomfortable is a somewhat unpleasant but very effective way to train and strengthen your bladder and detrusor muscle.




And the second strategy is to regularly perform kegel exercises to work your pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles play a key role in our ability to control our bladder and bowels and training them regularly will not only strengthen their functioning, but also:


  • benefits women experiencing incontinence following childbirth
  • strengthen men’s erections
  • improving the effects of premature ejaculation for men


I’ve included a video below that will demonstrate how to perform kegel exercises to work the pelvic floor and better control the muscles in your bladder so check that out.





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