How to keep bread fresh longer

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Today I have a very simple and easy trick which will show you how to keep bread fresh longer which I feel could benefit many families and maybe even benefit couples and single people the most.

As adults, most of us now understand that bread is a very calorie rich food and unless your are doing ample amounts of exercise, then bread consumption is generally best kept to a minimum.

However bread is obviously still a staple food item in most households and a favorite for those that do exercise regularly, those that are not that strict with their diets and obviously used widely by parents to make their children’s lunches.

Well it is very frustrating that you realistically only get a few days after you purchase a loaf of bread before it is less fresh and tasty. After this you are generally having to use it for toast, freeze the bread or just discard.

This is annoying when your in the mood for a fresh sandwich and all you have is bread that’s 4 days old — and it can be a real waste of money too if you tend to be throwing out a portion of your loaf each week.

This can particularly be the case for couples with no children and single people who don’t have as many contributors. Well today I have a little trick that will show you how to keep bread fresh for longer which  may save a bit of money in the process.

So all you need for this is a stick of celery. Whilst celery is completely dry to touch, it is comprised of over 95% water. And in that moisture lies a handy little trick to prolong the use of your loaf of bread.

All you want to is place a stick of celery in your loaf of bread once you have opened and removed your first few slices. By leaving that stick of celery inside the bread bag and resealing it, the moisture in the celery will help to maintain the freshness of the bread, however the fact that celery is dry means that the breads texture and quality will not be manipulated in anyway.

Now if you don’t normally buy celery in the house then don’t worry as it is very cheap, but just on that, you should be purchasing celery on a more regular basis and incorporating it into your meals however possible.

Celery is just about the Lowest calorie food out there and it has even been suggested that the energy used to eat celery will burn more calories than the calories that celery holds.
Whilst not amazing to eat on its own, the crunchiness of celery is a great addition in salads and I personally have a pressed juice each day which combines mainly celery with the addition of carrot, lemon, orange and ginger which tastes awesome.

Ok so I hope today’s video was helpful guys, I appreciate you watching, I will catch you tomorrow with a fresh video and as always keep learning and improving.

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