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It’s important to explain that today’s suggestion is not for those with a very large coverage of grey hair. Today’s suggestion is more so a temporary solution for covering up grey hairs when you have just started to notice them in targeted areas of your hair.


Grey hairs will generally first appear on the sides of your hair in among your natural hair (as you can see below) before expanding in coverage and also spreading to the top of the head.




When the grey hairs are in the early stages and just here or there or in one targeted area, you may want to just conceal them whilst it’s still possible before the coverage of grey hair is more wide spread and you can no longer just conceal and need to either leave it to be naturally grey or take the step of dying your hair.


I came across a clever and effective product which is a good option for the earlier stages when concealment is still an option. The product is called 1000 hour hair colour stick.




As you can see it kinda just looks like a ladies lip stick container. The hair colour stick comes in a range of colours and is basically like a chalky type stick which is dry within the container.


What you do is run the colour stick under the tap to wet the stick which will break down and loosen the sticks outer layer and create a waxy wet surface. You then simply apply the wet stick onto your grey hairs and conceal and cover up any visible greys.


The colour stick will conceal your grey hairs all day until you wash it out in the shower. Keep in mind also that if it were to rain, the colour would likely run out of your hair so you will have to be mindful of the weather and always carry an umbrella if there is a possibility of rain.


So if you’re in the early stages of getting some grey hairs, the 1000 hour hair colour stick will be an option worth exploring as it’s a simple and effective way to conceal your greys before the coverage becomes too expansive to conceal. And at less than $10, it’s also a grey cost effective option as the stick is said to last for months depending on the amount of grey hair you need to conceal each day.


Click here which will take you to the product page for the 1000 hour hair colour stick so you can see the available colours and purchase the product if you want to test it out.


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