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In today’s health video, we are looking at how to eat healthy for cheap because eating healthy is too important to be restrained by your financial position so let’s look at some great options for those on a budget.Not every one of these foods is incredibly healthy in terms of some being canned, and others having quite a lot of energy by way of calories or kilojoules per serve, but the vast majority on this list are very healthy and all the items on this list are very cheap.

I have listed the average cost of each item and just keep in mind that these prices are in Australian dollars. So let’s run through the list.

QUINOA is the first item which has some similarities to rice, however it is actually a seed. Quinoa can be used as a side dish with vegetables, stir frys and mixed in with salads. Quinoa has less calories than rice and also has more nutritional value. Quinoa is around $10.50 per 500 grams and a little quinoa goes a long way as it expands considerably when cooked. It’s a great value product with a good mix of fiber, protein and carbs.

CELERY is the next item which can be used in mass to make soup with only a few other ingredients such as vegetable stock and onion. Celery can also be a good filler in salads and vegetable stir frys to add some crunch. Not only is celery very cheap at around $3 for a whole bunch, but it is literally the lowest calorie food that you can consume with just 7 calories per 100 grams.

CABBAGE is the next items which like celery, is cheap and versatile to be used for soup, stir frys and salads. Cabbage has a very low 15 calories per 100 grams and costs only $3.50 for half a cabbage.

ONIONS are the next item which can be used as a base to make vegetable soups which go a long way and are very filling due to the high amounts of fibre in the majority of vegetables. Onions are also great in salads and great side dishes when cooked on the BBQ. With just 30 calories per 100 grams and only 50 cents for a red onion or $1 for a white onion, these are great options.

OATS are next on the list and this superfood is a wonderful breakfast option. Plain, unflavoured oats are your best option and offer a good mix of fibre, protein, complex carbs and cholesterol fighting properties. In addition, oats are good value and can be found for as low as $4 for a 1 kilogram packet.

SWEET POTATO is the next item which has far less calories than white potato but has some great nutrients and also tastes really nice due to it’s sweetness. And at around $6 per kilo, sweet potatoes offer great value.

TUNA is the next item which is a good low cost protein source, I would normally leave any canned items off any list of healthy food as I personally won’t eat anything that is canned, however this list is geared towards those on a budget. And when on a budget, you can’t always tick off every box so given the low calories, high protein and price of around $2.50 for a 400 gram generic branded can, this can be a useful option.

BEANS are the next item and this can include pinto, gazabeno, black, kidney and any other beans. However I am not referring to canned beans like baked beans that are swimming in a sugary sauce and packed with preservatives. You want to buy these beans in there natural, non canned state and cook them yourself. All variety of beans are great value and as they are packed with fibre, very filling and a little goes a long way.

LENTILS are just like beans in that they come in a wide variety of different types and are great value and very healthy. However, just like the beans, be sure to buy lentils in there natural state and cook them yourself.

FROZEN EGG WHITES is the next item and can be a good low cost protein source with limited calories and only around $5 for 500 mls.

PLAIN POPCORN KERNELS are a very low cost and relatively healthy snack option depending on how they are cooked. Whilst cinema popcorn is just about the highest calorie food you can consume. If you cook plain, unflavoured corn kernels in a popcorn maker or microwave, and only eat sensible amounts in one sitting, this can be a great value snack option.

So that is a list of low cost, relatively healthy foods for those on a budget, I hope this has helped out some people looking for these types of options and you now feel that you have a few more options to maintain a healthy diet without breaking the bank.

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