How to clean microwave: Part 2


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Welcome back guys, in today’s domestic God video I’m showing you an effortless way that you can clean your microwave. All you will need to complete this task is a microwave safe bowl, 1 lemon, water and paper towels and you are close to a squeaky clean, almost brand new looking microwave oven.

So just fill the microwave bowl at least half way with water, then take your lemon and cut that in half and place both halves just as they are in the water.

Now place the bowl in the microwave and run the microwave for 5 minutes to really cook through those lemons into the water and get that steam circulating throughout the microwave.

Once the microwave has counted down, beeped and stopped cooking, don’t open the door straight away. Leave the door closed for between 3 and 5 minutes as this is where the cleaning magic happens.

Once you have left that lemony steam to break down the grease and grime for 3-5 minutes, open up the door, remove the bowl and the microwave plate and just clean all the insides with paper towel and then wash the microwave plate under the kitchen tap and you are good to go.

Not only is this quick and easy, but you are not putting harmful cleaning chemicals inside your microwave that could later transfer onto the food that you heat up.

Remember guys that learning how to be a domestic God around the house will greatly build your attraction to women and may very well increase the health and frequency of your sex life and the general happiness within your relationship.

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I have previously posted another video which explained another simple, yet effective microwave cleaning technique as there is more than one way so I have included that video link here for you>

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