How to apply cologne for men

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See image of pulse points here>


Illustration of the bodies pulse points>

Hey guys, today we are talking about how to apply cologne and the best areas to spray cologne so that your giving off the sweetest scent possible.

It’s pretty easy really, basically where you want to be spraying your cologne  is on any of the pulse points on your body. the pulse points are the areas in the body where the main arteries are located.

I have actually included a link to a picture of all these pulse points in the description area below so you can go ahead and check that out, but basically these areas include just behind your ear, either side of your neck which is a common place people check their pulse, the inside of your elbow and wrist, inside of your groin and the crease behind your knee.

The reason these are the best areas to spray cologne  is because the pulse points are locations in the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. and these areas emanate heat which means that a fragrance applied in that area will be continually warmed and released into the air.

However don’t go overboard and apply cologne to every pulse point I have just mentioned – this is a big mistake as the smell will be overwhelming – and you will be that guy in the office who’s fragrance takes over every board room, cubicle or break out area when you enter.

What you want to do is just choose 1 or 2 of the pulse points mentioned above and apply there.

So it’s pretty simple really but some guys may not have known the best areas to spray cologne, or if you did know, maybe you didn’t know the reason for spraying in those areas.

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