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We all know that alcohol wreaks havoc on our bodies internally, but what exactly is happening on the outside and how does this affect how attractive you appear?


This topic is somewhat ironic in the fact that many men drink alcohol to give them the courage to approach women or dance at the club, but this is not a great idea if regular binge drinking is going to affect your looks and make you appear less attractive to women.


So let’s take a look at how alcohol affects your appearance and hopefully today’s video may cause some men to reconsider the amount and regularity that they consume alcohol.








The most outer layer of the eye is called the sclera and contains tiny little blood vessels. When you drink alcohol, these tiny vessels become dilated and inflamed which results in the bloodshot appearance that is common when you are hungover or for those who drink to excess on a daily or very regular basis.





Alcohol punishes your kidneys by forcing them to work twice as hard to remove the excess water contained within the alcohol you are drinking. The kidneys directly affect the bodies organs and your skin is the largest organ in the body.


The strain placed on your kidneys causes dehydration within the body and on the surface of the skin. When you binge drink regularly and your skin is routinely dehydrated, the result can be premature lines and wrinkles on the face which make you look years younger than you actually are.




Drinking alcohol regularly can cause a range of negative skin conditions from bad to down right terrible, all of which have detrimental impacts on your appearance.


As we discovered earlier, alcohol severely dehydrates the body and external skin which will naturally cause dry skin which at best looks glum and unhealthy, and at worst can cause flaky skin that is very unattractive.


Worse than dry, flaky skin is the development of acne that can be a common side effect of drinking regularly and to excess. Not only can zits and pimples be unpleasant to deal with and cause short term disruption to your positive appearance, acne brings with it the possibility of permanent scarring which will have long term negative impacts to your level of attractiveness.


If short term acne and long term acne scars is not enough to make you reconsider binge drinking, keep listening as the possible skin conditions can be much more serious. When alcohol is present in the body, it deprives the skin of the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to maintain it’s level of health.


2 very serious skin conditions that can form as a result of regular alcohol intake is psoriasis and rosacia. Take a look at this image to understand what psoriasis can look like:


And now take a look at this image to understand what rosacea looks like and how this would impact your appearance:


Now I can only assume that the possibility of dry, flaky skin, acne, acne scars, psoriasis or rosacea may have you second guessing your alcohol consumption. If all of the above have not scared you off then I have one more skin condition in store for you.


It’s called ectasia and it takes the cake when it comes to alcohol induced skin conditions. Just like the outer layer of the eye has blood vessels that can become inflamed and cause the appearance of red, bloodshot eyes, so too can the blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin become dilated and inflamed which appears rosy and red.


Worse still though, when drinking to excess is very common place, the blood vessels on the surface of the skin can progress from being dilated and inflamed to completely rupturing. The result of the vessels bursting is very unpleasant looking visible veins that often appear on your nose and cheeks and are also known as spider veins.


Take a look at what ectasia can look like in these images:





Alcohol is jam packed with empty, yet very high calories that offer absolutely no nutritional value but can cause significant weight gain. Add to this the fact that eating poorly when drinking and the following day often go hand in hand and you can see how weight gain can be a likely result of common binge drinking.


Carrying excessive weight obviously detracts from how attractive you appear which is yet another reason to seriously consider your level of alcohol consumption.





The effects of dehydration are again in play when it comes to your hair and nails. Drinking regularly will dry out both these important advertisements of a healthy, well groomed man and causes your hair to be dry, brittle and what’s known as split ends which will all cause you to look less attractive than when your hair is nice and healthy.


And your nails become cracked, sensitive to touch and the cuticles will also be prone to crack and even bleed as a result. Take a look at this image to see what your nails may end up looking like if you continue to drink to excess.





Alcohol disrupts sleeping patterns and can cause you to wake frequently throughout the night to use the bathroom. This results in a poor sleep which will make you look tired and run down and likely create noticeable bags under your eyes.




Another negative aspect of poor sleep and experiencing the common side effects of a hangover is the way this affects your mood and personality. Hangovers commonly cause irritability, frustration, anxiety and depression which significantly changes your body language in a negative and unattractive way.




And the final point to make is how alcohol can impact those in a close proximity to you on the night of your drinking and especially the following day. It is common to sweat when hungover and given that alcohol is present in your sweat, breath and even hair, this can be very unpleasant for your partner, family members, friends and colleagues to have to deal with.


So have a really good think about how drinking impacts not only your general, but also your general appearance and level of attractiveness in a negative way and hopefully both these factors will make you reconsider your attitude towards binge drinking or daily alcohol consumption.


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