Household uses for white vinegar: Part 1

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Welcome back guys, so today we are discussing the household uses for vinegar: Part 1. White vinegar is kind of like that annoying friend we all have who is good at everything and no matter if he picks up a football, tennis racquet or guitar, he just seems to be good at it.

Vinegar has so many effective uses that I will be posting various videos in bite size chinks over the coming months that list the various uses because there were just too many to do in one video. So today is just the household uses for vinegar: Part 1.

  • If you have been a great husband and come home with some flowers for your wife and you want them to stay fresh for longer, just add a few dashes of vinegar and about 3 tablespoons of sugar to the water in the vase and those flowers will be alive for longer which will extend the reminder of what a great guy you are.
  • Do you have ant problems in your house? One way you can prevent this problem from occurring is to spray vinegar all around your door and window frames, spray along the ground at the entrance of any doorways, spray on top of food cupboards and under kitchen appliances and basically anywhere else you have ant trails and the vinegar will actually deter the ants.
  • If you’re making a salad and all the ingredients are nice and fresh but you have lettuce, spinach, kale or other leafy greens that look a bit worse for wear, you can pep them back up by soaking in water which has a few dashes of vinegar added to it.
  • If you have a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen sink and it is smelling a bit worse for wear,  just combine equal amounts of white vinegar and baking soda and pour it down the disposal unit. Let it fizz away for a few minutes and then turn on the unit and dispose of the contents. White vinegar is a great odor neutralizer as well as disinfectant.
  • If your chain smoking mate or uncle stayed the night and there is now a strong cigarette smell in the spare room or anywhere else, just fill a bowl or large tupperware container with white or cider vinegar and leave it unsealed in that room for a day or so and the smell will be eliminated.
  • Do your kids lunch boxes stink, you don’t want little Johnny or Mary to be teased at school each recess or lunch so just take a piece of bread and sock it in white vinegar, place the bread inside the lunch box overnight and by the morning the smell will be gone.
  • If you have a more innocent carpet stain than something serious like blood or urine, you can make a paste of 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and a ¼ cup of salt or baking soda and apply that paste to the stain, leave it overnight and then vacuum off the next day.
  • Vinegar is a natural fabric softener so add a cup to your washing load to keep your clothes or towels nice and soft.
  • Whilst this may seem a little odd, white vinegar is a power player when it comes to treating serious sunburn. You can add 2 cups of vinegar to a cold bath and bathe in that to soothe your skin and accelerate the healing process.
  • If your favorite white dress shirt is getting a yellowy tinge or your white tennis or gym gear is stained and nasty then you can take a very large kitchen pot, fill it with water and add 1 cup of distilled vinegar and bring it to the boil, once it is boiling drop in the white clothes and let them soak overnight and in the morning the clothes will be white again.

So that is the end of today’s video with the various household uses for white vinegar: Part 1. I have made a few videos as there are so many uses so stay tuned for others in the future. I much appreciate you tuning in today and hoped you liked the video.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at” target=”_blank”> for my next daily video and until then, keep learning and improving.

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