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Ok so if you think trying to understand the opposite sex is a challenge, then trying to navigate your way through the maze of health and fitness contradictions is not a whole lot easier. Besides maybe politics, their is no more contradiction industry than health and fitness.
Like many of us, I used to buy men’s health and fitness magazines and from one month till the next, the same magazine would commonly have articles that would completely conflict and contradict each other. Health and fitness has become such a commercial money train that people will tell and sell you anything to make a quick buck. So trying to make sense of all the differential recommendations and advice can result in pure confusion.

Health has always been very important to me because before I was self employed – I became a qualified nurse after finishing high school – and as I was working on wards with mainly elderly patients, I was witness on a daily basis to the negative long term affects of not making your health a priority each and everyday.

Whilst I am not a dietician, nutritionist or personal trainer, I wanted to include a health related video each week on site which steers clear of all the quick fixes and gimmicks and instead focus on the health basics that have stood the test of time.

As I am not a dietician or PT, my health related videos are not advice based, instead I have gone to the effort to reads countless books and online articles that cover all the important health topics – and these videos are more so a case of presenting you with information, which will often include the varying professional opinions I have researched on that topic – so that you as the viewer have some information which you can then research further if it interests you.

The other point to make is that my focus is as much on creating inner health – as it is on outer health and working towards achieving well rounded results in this area. The focus is much more about adding years to your life rather than inches to your biceps. As examples, you can be big, muscly and ripped to shreds but does that actually mean you’re healthy? Or you may have a great fitness regime and strict diet 95% of the time – but undo it all with regular use of drugs and alcohol.

It doesn’t matter how good your relationships, career and finances are if you don’t look after your health – – so tune in each day for helpful information to allow you to research this area further.

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