Hey guys Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and Improvemant.com and stay tuned as today’s post is all about the HAPPN APP EXPLAINED.

I’ve previously discussed the dating app Tinder on detail including videos on the 25 biggest Tinder mistakes guys make, 14 Tinder photos to avoid using and the signs of a fake Tinder account. If you missed those videos I’ve listed and linked to all of them in the description field below.


But there’s a new kid on the block and this kid is very clever and very cool.  There’s a new dating app called Happn and I just Happn to think it’s going to become very popular.




So how does Happn work and how’s it going to help you find that special someone? So let’s say I have the Happn App and I’m with one of my Image Doctor clients at a shopping centre.


Throughout the day my client and I cover a fair bit of ground inspecting the majority of the shops on different levels as well as going to the food court for a bite.


Once I send my client on his stylish way I then head back to the train station and make my way home after a satisfying and fun days work.


I get home, put my feet up to relax and pull out my phone and open the Happn app.


What I’m going to see is a screen full of ladies profile who were within 500 meters of me at any stage throughout the day and who have also downloaded the Happn app on their phone.


Think of it like Cupid with a GPS system that spans a 500 metre radius.




So I’ve got this screen full of ladies profiles that I crossed paths with or came within 500 meters of whilst my client and I walked through the shopping centre, sat in the food court and as I was waiting for my train and then sitting on the train minding my own business doing some work on my phone.


What I do now is go through those profiles and either click a love heart to say I’d like to talk to the owner of that profile or click an X symbol to say I don’t.


And when these ladies log on to Happn and do the same, the profiles in which we both clicked the heart symbol will then match up, notify me of this match and we are then free to chat till our thumbs are sore and arrange to exchange phone numbers and meet in person if we hit it off.


There is no cost involved to use the Happn App. Essentially if you both click the heart button and match up, you’ve got the green light to communicate non-stop.


There are however optional functions of the App that you can pay for. This is in the form of what’s known as Charms. If you see a profile of a lady who really peaks your interest and takes your fancy, you can send her a charm before you have actually matched with her.


When you send her a charm, that lady will receive a visible notification that she’s received a charm. This increases the chances of her viewing your profile and if she likes what she sees then hopefully she will match with you and you can then start communicating.



I think Happn is a very clever, very effective dating resource men and women should utilize and the GPS type function of notifying you of those profiles you’ve passed makes this app very suitable for the time poor lives most of us are now leading.


All you need to do is go through the profiles you’ve passed, click yes or no to each and then chat with those who also liked you. So go to the App Store, download the Happn app and try out your luck.


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