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Today’s video is my next installment in the mini series of crazy places to have sex and I’ve included the previous crazy places to have sex videos in the description field below for you.


Today’s suggestion of having HOTEL BALCONY SEX is right up there with the most daring and adventurous places to have sex and is certainly not a suggestion for any sexual shrinking violets.


When you go on a holiday or weekend away with your lady, part of the fun getaway is often the great sex that comes with being in new places, having more free time and less stress and responsibilities to contend with.


What’s also common place with holidays and weekend getaways is staying in hotels, and just about all hotel rooms have one thing in common and I’m not talking about the mini bar.


Hotel rooms have balconies!! And when you’re in a new town or city in which everybody is a stranger to you, the balcony of your hotel room can be a very fun, exciting and crazy place to have sex if you really want to push your sexual boundaries to the next level and create a wild memory in the process.






Whilst risk and uncertainty are feelings and emotions not welcomed in the majority of situations, risk and uncertainty can heighten the fun and enjoyment when taking part in consensual sex and this is certainly the case when it comes to hotel balcony sex.


When you have sex on a balcony, you are running the risk of the holiday seekers in surrounding buildings being able to take in a live show of your getaway good times. Whilst this may be many women’s worst nightmare, you may get the odd lady who wants to roll the sexual dice and take the risk of being seen or caught because doing so is a major turn on for her.


Having sex and wondering if you may get caught or be seen by others can be an adrenaline  pumping combination that increases the intensity experienced during sex.


Outside of the exhilaration this risk can deliver, balcony sex also includes a killer view that is rarely, if ever going to be the case in your everyday sex lives and you will be outside in the fresh air which will likely be a new and enjoyable experience for your partner.






So how exactly do you go about having hotel balcony sex? This is a good question and you do have the choice of being more discreet or going all out with no regard for who may see or hear you.


If you want to be more discreet, you can utilise the chairs or sun lounges that are common on balconies and put a large blanket or doona cover over the two of you and get busy underneath. If discretion is your aim then you will want keep the moans and groans to a minimum and choose positions like missionary and the girl on top which make less noise.


But if you are a voyeurism seeker and wanting to turn up the heat and put on a show whilst taking in the fresh air and killer view, you can ditch the blanket or doona cover whilst having sex on a chair or lounge bed, or you can have your lady lean forward and take hold of the balcony railing whilst you enter her from behind.


So if you are wanting to spice things up and create a fun and lasting holiday memory, consider giving balcony sex a try next time you get away with your special lady.


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