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At the end of the day, foreplay is just an activity or effort that increases a woman’s desire to engage with you sexually. But just because the end goal is sexual, this doesn’t mean foreplay has to be sexual in nature.


In fact, in my opinion the most effective use of foreplay should have nothing at all to do with sex or physical contact. This is because many women have grown to be suspicious of some of the typical gestures that men offer in order to try and instigate sex.


So a non sexual gesture will be refreshing and greatly appreciated by your partner. With this in mind, todays foreplay suggestion is actually cleaning the house on a regular basis.  Nobody, including women enjoy doing the housework like cleaning the bathrooms, showers, kitchen, dusting and vacuuming the floors.



But for the better part, there still seems to be an unfair lean towards woman performing the housework instead of men.  It’s 2015 guys, not the 1960’s when women were joined at the hip with a broom  and baking tray!!


And if you actually think about it, one of the most common objections women have when men try to initiate sex is that they are too tired or not in the mood. And one of the possible reasons for these objections may be that she’s exhausted and in a shit mood from having to do so many household tasks including the cleaning.


So if men take the initiative to perform the housework and cleaning themselves, the following benefits can be achieved:


  • Firstly your partner will see that you’re making an effort which is all that most women wish of their husbands and boyfriends. And this effort and her appreciation of it will be great for your relationship on it’s own.
  • By doing the cleaning and relieving your partner of one of the many tasks on her long to do list, you will allow her the opportunity to use that time to do something more enjoyable like read a book, watch TV or a movie, do a workout or anything else she may not have had time for.
  • By allowing her to do something enjoyable like this, she will be more relaxed and may be in a better mood and more interested in having sex.
  • Because house cleaning requires some physical exertion, you will also stand a better chance of your partner not being so tired and disinterested in having sex if you perform the housework yourself.



Regarding this suggestion, it’s very important to mention that you should not perform the housework just so that you can can say something insensitive and stupid like  “OK you owe me sex now because I cleaned the house”


Saying something like this is very foolish, and instead of increasing your chances of having sex you will only upset your partner and completely turn her off. Whilst I’m not guaranteeing that cleaning the house will result in more sex, I can guarantee that cleaning the house will result in a happier and more appreciative wife or girlfriend.


And as women’s emotions are so closely linked to their desire to have sex, a happy and appreciative partner is much more likely to want to have sex than a tired, run down and disgruntled wife or girlfriend.


So just remember that foreplay does not have to be sexual, and the real aim of foreplay is to perform unselfish acts that demonstrate your level of care and consideration for your partner and increasing her emotional connection towards you.


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