Fingernails and health indicators


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Welcome back guys, I recently posted a video where I explained how your eyes can indicate the status of your health and can even indicate serious illnesses or disease in the body.

If you missed that video you can watch it here>

Today I’m going to explain how your nails can also be strong indicators of your health and can indicate when there may be more serious illness and disease occurring in the body.

  • If your nails have visible cracks and are very dry and brittle, this could be a warning signs or a side effect of thyroid disease.
  • If you have blatantly obvious dark lines underneath your nail, this could be linked to or caused by the body suffering from a melanoma which is the most serious form of skin cancer.
  • If your nails are extremely white and pale, this could be an indication of a variety of problems and should be followed up with your doctor to be on the safe side. Some possible issues may be malnutrition, liver disease such as hepatitis and also heart disease.
  • If your nails are very thick, are growing very slowly and are yellowish in colour, this may be an indication of lung related diseases such as emphysema
  • If your nails are a very strong, bright yellow colour, this could either be a fungal infection or much more serious problems such as diabetes, psoriasis, lung disease or thyroid disease.
  • If you are biting your nails to a point in which they are heavily damaged, very short and even bleeding and infected, this may just be a terrible habit, but it could also be a symptom of stress, anxiety and even obsessive compulsive disorder that may require some medical treatment.
  • If your nails appear to be any shades of blue or purple this may be an indication that your body is not receiving enough oxygen. This may be as a result of lung or heart conditions, circulatory problems or congenital problems and should be followed up with your doctor.
  • If one half of your nail is pink, and the other half is white, this may indicate kidney disease.
  • If your nails have ripples or very fine holes and indents, this may be an indication of inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis.
  • If you have white spots on your nails, this may be due to an iron or zinc deficiency.
  • If your nails are noticeably grey in colour, this could be for a number of reasons including edema, arthritis, malnutrition, glaucoma, lung problems or cardio-pulmonary disease.

So whilst these indications may be the worst case scenarios of having any of these colour, shape or texture manipulations, your health is too precious to take risks with, so take the effort to monitor your nails on a regular basis for any of the issues mentioned above, and if you do notice anything then make sure you get along to your doctor and investigate it further.

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