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Today we are discussing the toxic myth of spot reduction!!


As soon as I hear the word spot reduction I instantly think of the ab circle pro or whatever the latest and incredibly pathetic, misleading, damaging and in my personal opinion, criminal fitness gimmick product is on the market to target your abs to “melt” away the fat.


I’m talking about the home machines that you use for crunches or ab twists or the 5, 6 or 7 minute daily ab workout DVD’s that will have you looking like a fitness model.


So what do all of these products have in common?


They all take only a limited amount of time to perform each day, they are not too painful or unenjoyable to perform and most of all, they all have absolutely world class, genius, mastermind, expert marketing efforts and often hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars behind them to make sure they trap and take advantage of people.


However, I think calling these people expert marketers is very flattering, what I would call them is expert brain washers, career con artists or just plain old bullshit artists. And I honestly have no guilt whatsoever saying any of this.


The people designing these beer gut, ghetto booty and tuck shop arm blaster machines, pills, potions, shakes and DVD’s are doing nothing more than preying on desperate, uneducated and I hate to say it, but lazy people.


They get away with this by hiding behind a long list of disclaimers and terms and conditions that are often hidden in small print or delivered by a guy at the very end of an infomercial who can speak words faster than Bone Thugz and Harmony, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, 50 cent and Eminem combined.


The word spot reduction is suggesting that you can do targeted exercise to one area of the body and you will manipulate or reduce the amount of body fat in that one targeted area.


Obviously the best and most common example of this spot reduction myth is your abs and all the complete bullshit ab machines and DVD workouts that promise a flat, sexy six pack stomach in 6 weeks or your money back.


This is absolute crap because your body simply doesn’t lose fat in just one area, your body loses fat in a general and gradual way over your entire body, and the only way to achieve this is through cardiovascular exercise that is done at either a high intensity level that significantly raises your heart rate, or through lower intensity cardio that does not raise your heart rate as high, but is performed for a significantly longer period of time.


In addition to a very regular, consistent exercise regime, losing and maintaining low body fat requires an incredibly strict diet with only very occasional indulgences in high calorie foods.


I will say that these ab machines and products will work for those that have very low body fat which already reveals their muscle definition and shape. And using these targeted machines will further define those muscles.


Nobody is saying that these machines don’t work your abs or any other muscle they are designed to work, but if you were paid full time, 9-5, Monday to Friday, 38 hours a week to do nothing but ab crunches, sure those 38 hours of ab crunches will give you strong abs, but they will still be sitting underneath rolls of fat if you don’t exercise and eat well on a regular basis.


Don’t be fooled guys, save your money and realise the harsh, shitty and unfortunate reality that the only way to lose weight and reveal the definition in any muscles on your body comes through hard work, lots of exercise, a strict diet and then and only then, you can work on that definition with resistance exercises.


I really hope this has given you the education about the myth of spot reduction that you desperately need, as you can probably tell, I’m very passionate about this subject as I have always been self-employed and no matter what business I owned, I pride myself on being ethical and moral and putting my client’s needs or outcomes first, and I hate the fact that these companies make these products and deceive people all over the world.


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