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NOTHING TO LOSE, EVERYTHING TO GAIN: Cool title right, a real Hollywood/YouTube motivational video/Personal development seminar feel to it. I can picture this title many ways in fact:

  • A gritty drama with an out of luck and desperate man (played by Nick Nolte or Jack Nicholson) who’s fierce gambling addiction forces him to sell his house, take the proceeds and head to Vegas for once last roll of the dice.
  • An epic and motivating sports story of a fallen champion who comes out of retirement for one last shot at glory and the chance to finish his career on his terms.
  • Or a motivational seminar where your forced to hug strangers, take stretching breaks where your’e peer pressured to dance to music all the while dodging flying saliva coming from the enthusiastic presenter up on stage.


Well NOTHING TO LOSE, EVERYTHING TO GAIN isn’t a Hollywood drama, sports story or seminar poster title, it’s the real recount of a truly amazing entrepreneurial story that’s hard to believe, amazing to follow and should be a must read book for any entrepreneur whether they’ve found or are still in pursuit of business and financial success.


Ryan Blair is a former juvenile gang member turned self made multimillionaire.





Blair is an American native who grew up in  Southern California. Ryan grew up in a middle class family supported by his fathers 6 figure salary and the love of his stay at home mother. As an adolescent though, Blair’s life spiralled out of control as his father became addicted to meth-amphetamines, Blair struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder and the struggles of becoming a child of divorce and domestic violence.


Blair dropped out of high school in only the 9th grade, left his childhood home and joined a very notorious and dangerous criminal gang on the streets of Los Angeles. He lived in a toolshed for a year and was arrested 10 times by the time he was sixteen, facing a four-year jail sentence for his last arrest.


When he was 18, Blair’s mother began dating a successful real-estate entrepreneur who became Blair’s mentor and guided him out of the gang life and gave him his first job at Logix Development, a computer technical support provider. At age 21, after serving as vice president of Logix Development he founded the internet technical-support firm 24/7 Tech.


Blair grew his first business to be a market leader and place him in an elite financial position in which he could purchase homes, cars, watches and anything else that was big, fast and sexy without having to think about the price tag.


But as is the case with many entrepreneurs who taste huge success at a young age, Blair made big mistakes which saw his wealth dissolve at the hands of deceitful business partners and investors.


After a successful  start to his entrepreneurial career, Blair arrived at a cross roads in which he could have given in following the crushing business defeat and got a J-O-B or start over and create a new business venture. Blair chose option B and over the next 10 years or so he travelled the path of a typical entrepreneur in which he experienced many highs and lows that came about through the inevitable challenges that business offers up to those brave enough to jump on in.


In 2010 Blair began writing a book that chronicled his amazing rise from juvenile delinquent to street gang member and criminal before finding purpose, a new life and huge success as an entrepreneur and later becoming a go to authority figure on business, entrepreneurship and life transformation.


Once Blair had finished his book titled NOTHING TO LOSE, EVERYTHING TO GAIN, he embarked on a trail blazing publicity tour with a determined and very clear goal of not stopping until his book was #1 on the coveted New York Times best sellers list.



Blair was regularly appearing in media outlets such as Sky News and Bloomberg business talk shows, radio stations all over the states, magazines and podcasts all over the world and endless book signing appearances to promote his book and give hope to anyone who has a dream despite facing earlier struggles and adversity in life.


As Blairs business success sky rocketed and his book became an international best-seller, Director Andrew Sandler began to follow Blair with a camera for 18 months during the book release, documenting a journey that neither one of them could of predicted.


From Ryan’s mother falling into a 727 day coma, to his son being diagnosed with autism, Ryan was faced with his toughest life battles that neither his street smarts nor business acumen could of prepared him for.


NOTHING TO LOSE: The Documentary follows his journey and shows an all-access look into Ryan’s life as he learns to deal with the extreme trials and tribulations of his family, navigate his quick rise in notoriety, and grow his business into a 600 million dollar a year market leader. This is an inspiring tale of perseverance and persistence; one that is timeless, insightful, and inspirational for audiences everywhere and especially those on their own path to chasing entrepreneurial and life success.





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